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Toggle clamps, power clamps

Toggle clamps, power clamps

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Toggle clamps are used to hold and clamp workpieces. They find use on assembly and clamping fixtures. These products are designed for the assembly technology, clamping technology, tool construction and fixture construction.

Simple clamping with toggle clamps from KIPP

KIPP has different styles of toggle clamps on offer – the right one for every application:

Toggle clamps are often also sometimes refered to as power clamps. With horizontal clamps, the operating lever is in a horizontal position when open, with vertical clamps it is in a vertical position. The grip element is made of plastic. The grip is oil resistant and has good haptics.

A further developement of the standard models are the toggle clamps fitted with KIPP lock and KIPP lock+. KIPP lock is characterised by an ergonomic and user-friendly handle form as well as its durability. The special NITROX SURFACE makes the products corrosion resistant and they are particularly robust due to the conical U-profile clamping. The KIPP lock+ system supplements the advantages of KIPP lock with an additional safety lock. The handle can thus only be operated after the lock has been released.

The clamping height of a horizontal or vertical toggle clamp from KIPP can be adjusted through the thrust screw. This ensures infinite adjustment within a range of 35 mm with almost constant clamping force. It can be adjusted according to requirements up to a limit of 2,500 N via a setscrew located under the lever in the joint..

Toggle clamps from KIPP are available with a horizontal foot or a vertical foot. The toggle clamps can thus be easily mounted to suit the respective requirement. The thrust spindle can also be manually adjusted to suit the situation. At KIPP you will find toggle clamps made of steel or stainless steel.

To expand intelligent production, you can also find toggle clamps with integrated force sensor. at KIPP. The products enable accurate adjustment and measurement of the clamping force and are part of the product line FEATURE grip. The force sensor enables the defined and recordable clamping of workpieces. The production is so even more completely documented in order to be able to identify optimisation possibilities or quality problems.

In contrast to horizontal and vertical toggle clamps, push-pull toggle clamps are characterised by their compact design and high retaining forces. Another advantage is the light and simple handling. Push-pull toggle clamps have a linear force effect.

Pneumatic clamps from KIPP are a special type pf toggle clamp. They are operated by compressed air, not by hand. This means that pneumatic clamps can be integrated into automated processes and systems. You can operate using any conventional compressed air system. The automation also enables the end positions to be simply and effortlessly queried.

KIPP toggle clamps are high quality, robust and therefore, well suited for applications in the machine construction sector – TRUST IN KIPP.

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