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Handwheels DIN 950, aluminium, without grip

Handwheels DIN 950, aluminium, without grip

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DescriptionMaterial:Handwheel in aluminiumVersion:Wheel rim turned and polished.
Radial and axial run-out of rim < IT 12.
On request:Hubs with square socket or powder-coated handwheels.Special features:
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 Datasheet K0160_OG Handwheels DIN 950, aluminium, without grip 349 kB


Handwheels DIN 950, aluminium, without grip
Handwheels DIN 950, aluminium, without grip

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Order No.VersionD1D2D3L1L3B3
Number of
K0160.0080X10reamed hole8010H7251629--3  on request
K0160.0080X12reamed hole8012H7251629--3  on request
K0160.0100X10reamed hole10010H7291733--3  on request
K0160.0100X12reamed hole10012H7291733--3  on request
K0160.0125X12reamed hole12512H7311836--3  on request
K0160.0125X14reamed hole12514H7311836--3  on request
K0160.0140X14reamed hole14014H7361939--3  on request
K0160.0140X16reamed hole14016H7361939--3  on request
K0160.0160X14reamed hole16014H7362040--3  on request
K0160.0160X16reamed hole16016H7362040--3  on request
K0160.0180X16reamed hole18016H7372243--3  on request
K0160.0180X18reamed hole18018H7372243--3  on request
K0160.0200X18reamed hole20018H7432445--3  on request
K0160.0200X22reamed hole20022H7432445--3  on request
K0160.0250X22reamed hole25022H7492850--5  on request
K0160.0250X26reamed hole25026H7492850--5  on request
K0160.0315X26reamed hole31526H7543356--5  on request
K0160.0315X30reamed hole31530H7543356--5  on request
K0160.0400X30reamed hole40030H7653863--5 on request
K0160.0400X34reamed hole40034H7653863--5 on request
K0160.0500X34reamed hole50034H7794572--5 on request
K0160.0500X40reamed hole50040H7794572--5 on request
K0160.1080X10-8010H7251629311,43  on request
K0160.1080X12-8012H7251629413,83  on request
K0160.1100X10-10010H7291733311,43  on request
K0160.1100X12-10012H7291733413,83  on request
K0160.1125X12-12512H7311836413,83  on request
K0160.1125X14-12514H7311836516,33  on request
K0160.1140X14-14014H7361939516,33  on request
K0160.1140X16-14016H7361939518,33  on request
K0160.1160X14-16014H7362040516,33  on request
K0160.1160X16-16016H7362040518,33  on request
K0160.1180X16-18016H7372243518,33  on request
K0160.1180X18-18018H7372243620,83  on request
K0160.1200X18-20018H7432445620,83  on request
K0160.1200X22-20022H7432445624,83  on request
K0160.1250X22-25022H7492850624,85  on request
K0160.1250X26-25026H7492850829,35  on request
K0160.1315X26-31526H7543356829,35  on request
K0160.1315X30-31530H7543356833,35  on request
K0160.1400X30-40030H7653863833,35 on request
K0160.1400X34-40034H76538631037,35 on request
K0160.1500X34-50034H77945721037,35 on request
K0160.1500X40-50040H77945721243,35 on request
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