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Level indicators, screw plugs

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These components are used in hydraulic systems, for example as oil level gauges or for other liquids, but also for containers and lubrication units in mechanical engineering.

Grease nipples, level indicators, screw plugs from KIPP

HEINRICH KIPP WERK has a wide range of different operating parts. These include filler necks, level indicators, grease nipples and screw plugs. All these articles are founder under the category "Level indicators screw plugs". Discover an extensive range of diverse products with a multitude of variations.

The grease nipple range from KIPP

Grease nipples are small standard items by which bearings and other moving parts can be supplied with grease or other lubricants. In order to ensure reliable lubrication, the lubricant must be regularly refilled or replaced using a grease gun.

Operating principle of grease nipples

The working principle of grease nipples is very simple. They function as nozzles so that lubricants such as grease can be applied to moving parts such as bearings by means of a grease gun. Since the moving parts have a very small clearance, the lubricant must be filled into a very limited space under high pressure. Grease guns are used for this purpose, which inject the grease with a pressure of up to 400 bar. Special shapes of the grease nipples enable the nozzles of the grease gun hoses to be reliably attached to permit safe filling of the lubricant. A non-return valve integrated into the grease nipple ensures that the pressed-in grease does not run out again. This consists of a spring-loaded ball. During filling, the ball is pressed inwards by the pressure and allows the lubricant to flow past. After filling, the pressure drops, the spring pushes the ball upwards and thus closes the grease nipple.

Several models - the appropriate grease nipple for every application

Grease nipples can be used for different lubrication applications in a range of locations. Different styles of grease nipples are available to ensure the best possible accessibility.
Conical head grease nipples

In the KIPP range you will find DIN 71412 conical head grease nipples with tapered threads. The name comes from the shape of the nipple. Conical head grease nipples are the most commonly used type of grease nipple. The are available in various Froms:

Thanks to the different shapes, even components in hard to access places can be easily lubricated. As opposed to tapered press-in nipples or other press-in grease nipples, threaded grease nipples are also suitable for mechanically operated grease guns. As the conical head grease nipples are screwed in, they will not be pushed out even under high pressures. They have thread sizes M6, M8 or M10, depending on the model. Protective caps in various colours are available to protect the conical head of the grease nipples.

Button head grease nipples
In addition to conical head grease nipples, KIPP also offers DIN 3404 button head grease nipples. The design permits a high lubricant flow rate and is therefore suitable for applications that require a lot of lubrication. They are all screw-in models and available with thread sizes M6, M8, M10, M12 and M16. Press-in grease nipples are not available. The robust design makes them ideal for machine applications where they are exposed to high external stresses.
Flush-type grease nipples

DIN 3405 Flush-type grease nipples are suitable for recessed or flush installation thanks to their flat design. KIPP has various models in its range:

  • Stright with hex (Form A)
  • Angled 45°, square (Form B)
  • Angled 90°, square (Form C)

They are available with thread sizes M6, M8 and M10. The funnel shape enables reliable lubrication even in difficult-to-reach places. However, care must be taken to ensure that the grease gun nozzle is correctly positioned.

Applications for grease nipples

Grease nipples are suitable for most applications where something needs to be lubricated or supplied with lubricant. This includes not only machine and equipment construction, but also vehicle and special machine construction. The applications are not only limited to the industrial sector, they are also used in the private sector. While bearings and moving parts on machines need to be lubricated in industry, grease nipples are used in the private sector on such things as trailer overrun brakes as found on caravans.

Other products in the grease nipple, level indicator and screw plug range

Oil level gauges

Level indicators and oil level gauges from KIPP reliably display the full level of tanks and other containers. Attached to the outside, the respective fill level or fill height can be easily read off. The various sizes make the indicators suitable for different types and designs of tanks: And tt does not matter whether it is a tank for heating oil, hydraulic fluid or lubricant. In addition to the fill level, individual models also display the temperatureof the fluid in the container.

In addition to the analogue versions, the KIPP range also includes electronic versions that send diverse information to a control unit over a cable. In the KIPP online shop you can find electronic oil level indicators for monitoring the fill level. There are also models that display the temperature or types that show the fill level and temperature.

Filler necks

Containers often have a filler neck to facilitate filling these with liquids. In addition to assisting with filling, they also ensure secure closure of containers such as oil tanks, heating oil tanks, hydraulic tanks or lubricant tanks. Various models of filler necks are available. These differ in material and functionality and thus enable use with different liquids. The are made from materials such as chromium steel or plastic and all have a vent valve.

Screw plugs

The screw plugs, also known as tube end plugs are mostly classical DIN articles. They are available with or without a seal, depending on the design, and reliably block openings. A broad product portfolio is available thanks to the use of diverse materials such as brass, plastic, aluminium or steel. The appropriate screw plug or tube end plug is available for almost every application. Depending on the model, they are installed using a hex key, spanner or by hand.
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