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DescriptionMaterial:Handwheel, reinforced and stabilised polyamide.
Centre caps, polyamide.
Centre bushes, steel.
Version:Handwheel, oil and grease resistant, black (RAL 9011), satin finish.
Centre caps, grey (RAL 7035).
Centre bushes, black oxidised.
On request:Other cap colours.
Special versions.
DownloadHere is all the information as a PDF datasheet:

Are you looking for CAD data? These can be found directly in the product table.
 Datasheet K0725 Handwheels 2-spokeplastic 182 kB


Handwheels 2-spokeplastic
Handwheels 2-spokeplastic

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Order No.VersionD1D2D3HH2L1L3B3
K0725.0080X08reamed hole808H724,520162034-- on request
K0725.0080X10reamed hole8010H724,520162034-- on request
K0725.0100X10reamed hole9910H72825,5202442-- on request
K0725.0100X12reamed hole9912H72825,5202442-- on request
K0725.0130X12reamed hole12912H73230212450-- on request
K0725.0130X14reamed hole12914H73230212450-- on request
K0725.0160X14reamed hole15914H74033223257-- on request
K0725.0160X16reamed hole15916H74033223257-- on request
K0725.0200X16reamed hole19816H7513117,53260-- on request
K0725.0200X20reamed hole19820H7513117,53260-- on request
K0725.0250X20reamed hole25220H755,539,5243671-- on request
K0725.0250X24reamed hole25224H755,539,5243671-- on request
K0725.0345X20reamed hole34620H767,542243279-- on request
K0725.1080X08-808H724,52016203429 on request
K0725.1080X10-8010H724,520162034311,4 on request
K0725.1100X10-9910H72825,5202442311,4 on request
K0725.1100X12-9912H72825,5202442413,8 on request
K0725.1130X12-12912H73230212450413,8 on request
K0725.1130X14-12914H73230212450516,3 on request
K0725.1160X14-15914H74033223257516,3 on request
K0725.1160X16-15916H74033223257518,3 on request
K0725.1200X16-19816H7513117,53260518,3 on request
K0725.1200X20-19820H7513117,53260622,8 on request
K0725.1250X20-25220H755,539,5243671622,8 on request
K0725.1250X24-25224H755,539,5243671827,3 on request
K0725.1345X20-34620H767,542243279622,8 on request
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