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Grips and Knobs are for manually fastening and clamping. The locking knobs are characterised by good haptics. There are a wide variety of designs for different conditions and clamping forces to suit any required mounted position. Ideal for machine or plant construction, rail fabrication, toolmaking, on test equipment and medical apparatus.

Knurled screws and knurled nuts from KIPP

Practical knurled screws for diverse applications

At KIPP you will find a large selection of different knurled screws. They enable tool-free assembly and easy adjustment. This saves time and facilitates tasks where fixated objects have to be repositioned frequently. Fine grooves are knurled into the outside diameter of the screw head. They help the user get a good grip when adjusting the knurled screw - even with wet or dirty hands. KIPP knurled screws are available in various materials, so you will find the suitable model for every application in our extensive range.

Knurled screws in different versions

KIPP knurled screws are available in several variants, depending on the subsequent use. They are available in low or high versions and all have a metric thread. The low version is characterised by its flat head and has a thread that is tapped through to the screw head. High version models have a connecting piece between the head and the thread. This means that the head does not rest directly on the workpiece. In our range we have knurled screws made of standard plastic, antistatic plastic, heat-resistant plastic as well as steel and stainless steel.

Different materials - the correct choice for every application sector

Due to the variety of different materials, knurled screws from KIPP are suitable for almost any application:

Knurled screws, plastic

KIPP offers knurled screws made of a variety of types of plastic. In addition to the typical plastic types, there are also variants made from thermosetting polymer with high-gloss polished surfaces, that are especially robust, heat resistant and easy to clean. There are also knurled screws made from antistatic plastic available. These enable the use on sensitive electrical or electronic components that may be damaged or destroyed by electrostatic discharge.

Steel knurled screws

Steel knurled screws guarantee a high load rating. This makes them suitable for applications with high mechanical forces. Due to the material properties of steel, we recommend using the knurled screws indoors. Depending on the model, knurled screws made of steel are bright or black oxidised.

Stainless steel knurled screws

Stainless steel knurled screws have a high load rating, similar to the steel models. Thanks to the very good corrosion resistance of stainless steel, the knurled screws can be used outdoors without any problems.

Sizes and standards

KIPP manufactures knurled screws according to DIN 464 and DIN 653. By using the DIN standards, all knurled screws in our range have a metric thread. This means they can be easily integrated into existing systems, e.g. to replace defective screws. KIPP offers knurled screws sized M3 to M10.

Useful knurled nuts from KIPP

Depending on the initial situation, screws or grub screws may already be present. The use of a knurled screw is then not possible. However, knurled nuts from KIPP can be used in order not to have to forego the advantages of tool-free and simple assembly. They can also be recognised by the impressed grooves in the circumference.

Knurled nuts in various versions

Just as with the knurled screws, KIPP offers knurled nuts in various versions. A distinction can be made between high and low knurled nuts and those with quick-action clamping function. Low models lie flat on the workpiece, while high models have a connecting piece. Quick-acting knurled nuts can be recognised by the fact that the nut can be slipped over the thread by tilting it. This enables them to be repositioned quickly and without tedious screwing even on long threaded rods. The threads of the nut and the rod interlock when the knurled nut is straightened up. Now they can only be positioned by turning.

Different materials for diverse applications

They are made from different materials to enable the knurled nuts to cover a wide range of applications. At KIPP you will find a large selection - choose the suitable article for your application.

Knurled nuts plastic

KIPP includes plastic knurled nuts in its range. There are several types of plastic to choose from. This leads to different characteristics of the individual variants. Models made from polyamide reinforced thermoplastic have the familiar advantages and disadvantages of products made of plastic. Variants made from thermosetting polymer qualify for their heat resistance and high stability. The highly polished surface is also resistant to petrol, alcohols and greases. Knurled nuts made from antistatic plastic permit use even on electronic or electrical components that can be damaged by electrostatic discharge.

Steel knurled nuts

Knurled nuts made from steel are suitable for applications where high mechanical forces can occur. Due to the typical properties of the material, steel tends to rust under certain conditions. We therefore recommend indoor use. At KIPP you will find knurled nuts made from black oxidised steel.

Stainless steel knurled nuts

Stainless steel knurled nuts have a high strength, similar to the steel models. However, they are corrosion resistant, which qualifies them for outdoor applications.

Available sizes and standards of KIPP knurled nuts

Knurled nuts made by KIPP comply with DIN 6303, DIN 467 or DIN 466 and are universally applicable. You can therefore expand existing equipment in your machine park with KIPP knurled nuts or easily replace defective parts. You can choose between thread sizes from M4 to M12, depending on the model and variant.

Easily order first-class knurled screws and knurled nuts from KIPP

Order knurled screws and knurled nuts online from KIPP! We have large quantities in stock and can deliver the articles quickly and reliably. Trust in the quality of one of the leading German manufacturers in the standard elements sector. If you cannot find the appropriate article despite the wide range of different products, please contact us! We can produce an individual custom-made solution - tailored to your needs.
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