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Hinges are for mounting doors, hatches, hoods and the housings by machine and plant construction.

Industrial hinges from KIPP

KIPP has many different types of industrial hinges in its product range. Hinges connect two rigid components so that they can move in relation to each other. They are particularly robust, corrosion-resistant and user-friendly depending on the material.

Hinges are used in classical mechanical engineering, plant construction, on appliances and in industrial furniture construction. They are often installed on doors, hatches and covers as well as on frames and profiles. Thanks to the use of particularly resistant materials, some models are also suitable for demanding environments such as those found in maritime conditions.

Hinges - differences in material

KIPP offers many different types of hinges made from various materials.

Hinges plastic

Plastic hinges are characterised by their light weight. They are made of fibreglass reinforced thermoplastic and have a steel or stainless steel hinge pin. Due to the material, plastic hinges are particularly suitable for indoor or outdoor applications where they are not directly influenced by weather conditions.

Hinges aluminium

Aluminium hinges are very versatile. The die-cast aluminium hinge leaves are mounted on e.g. heavy doors, hoods, housings and other applications both indoors and outdoors.

Steel hinges

Steel hinges are more stable compared to plastic and aluminium hinges. This means they can be used as heavy-duty hinges to reliably hang even massive doors and hatches. Due to the typical properties of the material, we recommend only using steel hinges indoors.

Hinges, stainless steel

Due to being corrosion resistant and weather proof, stainless steel hinges are ideal for use outdoors. KIPP offers hinges in A4 quality for areas where increased corrosion resistance or seawater resistance is required.

Types of hinges

Different types enable countless application areas for KIPP industrial hinges. Discover the variety of different versions.

Standard hinges

Standard hinges from KIPP are very stable and ensure reliable movement. They cannot be lifted off or locked. they are available in various materials and sizes. This means that the appropriate type can always be selected for the respective application and can be screwed on quickly and easily. Depending on the version, they are also suitable as heavy-duty hinges.

Lift-off hinges

Lift-off hinges are similar in design to standard hinges. However, the two leaves can be separated (lifted-off), enabling quick detachment of covers, hatches and doors. A distinction is made between right and left hinges. The choice of which variant determines whether the door or hatch opens to the left or right.

Hinges with clamping function

Locking hinges or lockable hinges are fitted with a clamping lever on the hinge pin. This enables the hinge to be locked and so, precisely positioned at any angle. This means that maintenance hatches do not have to be held open, they are simply locked in position. Hinges with a locking lever are available from our shop made from plastic or die-cast zinc.

Hinges with detent

Detent hinges engage in various positions, ensuring that doors or hatches remain securely open. Depending on the model, these indexing hinges have a different number of predefined indent angles. Also dependent on the respective product is the torque required to overcome the detent point of the hinge and thus release the retention. Detent hinges are available from KIPP made from plastic or aluminium.

Hinges with adjustable friction

Hinges with adjustable friction, also called torque hinges, permit door alignment in any angular position. The frictional resistance can be infinitely adjusted from 0 Nm to 1 Nm with the help of a cap screw. The larger versions have an infinitely variable adjustment of 0 Nm to 5 Nm. In comparison to locking hinges, there is no integrated clamping lever and so no protruding edges. However, a hex key (Allen key) is required to carry out adjustments. Hinges with adjustable friction are available made from aluminium. For applications where adjustment of the friction is not required, KIPP offers stainless steel hinges with preset friction.

Internal hinges

Internal and in-frame hinges are characterised by their placement inside the object. This makes it an invisible hinge without interfering edges and opens up other possibilities in terms of construction and design. Invisible hinges or internal hinges are used in machine and switch box construction.

Weldable hinges

The material used and the material thickness enable these hinges from KIPP to be welded. The solid connection between fixed frame and movable object enables the use as heavy-duty hinges. Special weldable hinges are made from stainless steel and so are acid and seawater resistant. In combination with the high load-bearing capacities, they are also suitable for use on ships to ensure safe movement of massive doors and hatches.

Spring hinges

Spring hinges from KIPP are fitted with springs which enable the automatic opening and closing of doors and hatches. The torque for moving the spring varies depending on the type of spring hinge. They are available in steel or stainless steel with visible springs or in aluminium with hidden springs.

Security hinges

KIPP offers security hinge switches in the product range. They are used to monitor the position of hinged safety hatches, safety covers and safety doors. The switching angle of the hinge switches is freely adjustable - they only send a signal after a certain radius of movement. The information about the current opening status can be displayed directly, for example on the monitor of a programmable logic controller (PLC).

Buy hinges online from KIPP

Buy your hinges directly from KIPP in the online shop. Trust in our years of experience and allow us to convince you of our products. Should you not find a suitable hinge for your application, then contact us. On request, we can create custom products exactly tailored to your manufacturing needs.

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