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Quarter-turn locks, edge protection profiles

Quarter-turn locks, edge protection profiles

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Quarter-turn locks

Quarter-turn locks can be used to hold closed all sorts of hatches, switch cabinets, metal lockers, machine doors etc. They are easy to operate and very robust. They are ideal for cabinet construction, for all branches of transport and for assembly and logistics vehicles.

Quarter-turn clamp lock K1061 from KIPP

Quarter-turn clamp locks act as operating elements in machine construction as a practical alternative to classic screws. However, quarter-turn clamp locks are locking elements. With the aid of quarter-turn clamp locks, two plates can be quickly and securely connected and exchanged without the need for tools. The functioning principle of quarter-turn clamp locks is very similar to that of:

»KIPP Ball lock pins K1063

»KIPP Ball lock pins K1064

Quarter-turn clamp locks have the following advantages:

• Easy operation

• High clamping forces

• ON / OFF markings

• Shorter setup times

• Secure locking

KIPP Quarter-turn clamp locks K1061
Quarter-turn clamp locks are well suited for use in confined spaces and provide the user with an acoustic feedback (click signal when locked). Quarter-turn clamp locks are vibration-proof and enable a so-called "simultaneous positive down force". The corresponding clamping plates also facilitate the installation of quarter-turn clamp locks in practical applications.

An example of an application for a quarter-turn clamp lock is a quick mounting system for carrying handles on fixture plates (when it is necessary to remove the plates between machining operations). Quarter-turn clamp locks are also suitable as a quick-change system for stops on a mounting or fixture plate. You can find various versions of quarter-turn clamp locks in the KIPP product range. The twist knob is available in bright stainless steel with a temperature resistance up to 200° C or in plastic (fibreglass reinforced polyamide) with a temperature resistance up to 130° C. The housing is nickel-plated. Clamping plates K1062 are required for the installation (accessories).

Clamping plate K1062 from KIPP

Clamping plates are used in combination with quarter-turn clamp locks. There are basically two different mounting options. The customer selects the required plate thickness depending on the application:

• Clamping plate Form A:

• Clamping plate Form B: indexes every 30°

The fastening screws are supplied. The clamping plates are designed for metric fine threads.

KIPP clamping plates K1062

KIPP Quarter-turn lock Hygienic DESIGN
with T-grip

Resistant to dirt and cleaning friendly

Since the beginning of this year KIPP has had  Hygienic DESIGN quarter-turn locks with T-grips in its range. These stainless steel quarter-turn locks (housing and grip 1.4404 / earthing nut and screw 1.4301) are especially suited for use in sectors with high hygienic standards, such as the foodstuff industries or hospitals and doctors surgeries.

These quarter-turn locks comply with the hygienic machine directive DIN EN 1672-2:2009 of the food machine regulation GS-NV 6:2013/06 and have been explicitly tested according to GS-NV 2:2013/06. The quarter-turn locks are easy to clean and simultaneously very insusceptible to dirt. The locks can be installed pre-assembled and can be used left or right. The blue, FDA conform silicon seal prevents liquids or oils penetrating.
These quarter-turn locks are available in various sizes from the KIPP catalogue or website.

The quarter-turn lock has a practical T-grip to ensure good haptics and a secure grip. The surfaces are highly polished and various transition radii are incorporated into the grip. These geometric forms ensure, among other things, that no dirt or water can accumulate on the material. The hygienic stainless steel prevents germ contamination. The Hygienic DESIGN quarter-turn locks find use in the following branches:

• Foodstuff technology

• Chemical and pharmaceutical industries

• Packaging technology


The special seal is designed for high pressure jet cleaning up to 100 bar max. and meets the requirements of the IP65/67 protection class. The seal is also temperature-stable up to 80°C and the blue colouring also complies with FDA guidelines (to reliably prevent confusion with foodstuffs). The related tongue can be ordered separately in the desired version. Each tongue can be combined with each housing.

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