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Telescopic slides are used as the functional unit for drawers and pull-out systems. They are supplied in full extension and partial extension types, in part with end-of-travel dampers. Heavy-duty versions are well suited for production equipment, sheet metal processing and peripheral assemblies in plant construction.

Telescopic slides: heavy duty, full extension and more

HEINRICH KIPP WERK has a wide range of telescopic slides. In addition to various models for different load ranges, you can also select from diverse extension types, feature variants and materials.

Due to the extensive product variety, telescopic slides from KIPP can be used in many application areas. Besides machine and plant construction, they can also be found in e.g. furniture construction, the health sector, the IT industry, by rescue services and in emergency vehicles.

Telescopic slides – Versions and styles

Different types and designs of telescopic slides enable a wide range of possible applications and uses. Telescopic slides are basically composed of rails, ball cages and balls. These components may differ depending on the design.

Materials used

Due to the high loads that can act on telescopic slides, the rails are always made of metal. This can be either steel, stainless steel or aluminium. In order to be able to guarantee a higher load limit, the balls are also made of metal. Only the ball cages can be made of plastic or metal.

Load ranges and application possibilities

Not every telescopic slide can be subjected to the same loads. For better classification, they are assigned to three different load ranges:

  • Light (up to 50 kg)
  • Medium (51 kg to 99 kg)
  • Heavy (over 100 kg)

Slides from the light range up to 50 kg are suitable for light loads, such as those found in simple commercial applications, but also in the furniture industry, such as in kitchen and bathroom cabinets or drawers.

In the medium load range, from 51 kg to 99 kg, the telescopic slides are used in e.g. transport technology and automotive engineering. They are also used in retail and pharmacies, e.g. on pharmaceutical cabinets, or in the IT sector on i.e server racks.

Telescopic slides for heavy loads, also called heavy duty slides can support weights over 100 kg. This qualifies them for use on machines and in material handling. Thanks to their particularly stable design, heavy-duty slides from KIPP are also suitable for use in the emergency and rescue vehicles of fire brigades, rescue services, disaster control and even the military or armed forces.

KIPP telescopic slides feature variants

Not all telescopic slides are the same. In addition to different materials and load ranges, a distinction can also be made between several feature variants that complement the telescopic slides.
Telescopic slides with Soft-Close
The Soft-Close function of the telescopic slides comes into use when a drawer is being pushed closed. It arrests the slide shortly before the end position and ensures a damped, independent final retraction.
Telescopic slides with auto-retraction
The auto-retraction also eases closing. It moves the telescopic slide automatically into the end position.
Telescopic slides with Push-to-Open
The Push-to-Open function, also known as Touch-to-Open, facilitates the opening of drawers. All it takes is a light push and the slides extend automatically.
Telescopic slides which latch when open
Telescopic slides fitted with the "latch open" function lock in place when fully extended and hold this position. This prevents an object from closing by itself.
Telescopic slides which latch when closed
The "latch closed" function is the opposite of "latch open". It ensures that the telescopic slides remain retracted and hold their position when closed.
Telescopic slides with operating lever
Selected telescopic slides are fitted with an operating lever. These slides latch in the open and closed position and can only be unlatched by the operating lever.

Various telescopic slide extension types

Partial extension
Telescopic slides with partial extension are characterised by the fact that the travel is shorter than the rail length. It should be noted that the extensions are not accessible in full length. Their construction makes them very stable.
Full extension
By telescopic slides with full extension the length and travel are approximately the same. This has the advantage that the extensions are accessible in full length. Their special design means that they can withstand higher loads even when open.
Over extension
Over-extension means that the travel is longer than the rail length. Since telescopic slides with over-extension are subjected to the greatest loads when fully open, they must be of particularly robust design.

Order telescopic slides from KIPP online

Order your telescopic slides easily and conveniently online. At KIPP you will find slides that can withstand loads from 10 kg to 300 kg. Due to the wide selection, the products are very versatile. If you cannot find a suitable telescopic slide, then contact us! Our experts will be happy to advise you and, if necessary, develop an individual special solution tailored to your requirements.
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