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Machine and fixture components

Machine and fixture components

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Machine and fixture elements

The machine element and fixture element groups contain mostly articles and products for machine construction. Many components carry out classic and expanded clamping tasks. The group can be divided into five major product groups:

  • Screws, nuts and washers
  • Drill bushes
  • Thread inserts
  • Connectors for profiles and profile systems
  • Shaft collars and clamping hubs.

Many products in these groups make the daily work or machine constructors and designers easier.

Screws / nuts / washers

KIPP has many screws and bolts and the matching nuts and washers on offer. In addition to the classic and versatile DIN and ISO standard hex head screws, there are also cap screws, shoulder screws, eye bolts and T-slot screws in the product range. There are also many screws of Hygienic USIT® design for use in the hygiene sector. Hex head bolts from HEINRICH KIPP WERK are robust and extremely durable.

Drill bushes

Drill bushes make any drilling task easier and enable good drilling results to be achieved through tight tolerances and generous lead-in angles. KIPP offers its customers two different forms of bush (parallel and with collar) in all relevant DIN 179 and DIN 172 sizes.

Threaded Inserts

With the aid of steel or stainless steel threaded inserts damaged, seized or torn out tapped holes can be easily repaired. This enables high quality products to be quickly saved from the scrap heap. Threaded inserts can be used in many different materials. Most threaded inserts are supplied with locking wedges which provide a rotation lock by vibration and prevent twisting. Complete repair sets and self-cutting threaded inserts are available from the KIPP online shop.

Profile systems and profile connectors

Slot keys and T-slot nuts are often used to connect profiles and profile systems. KIPP also offers more complex connecting elements. Cube connectors, butt connectors and automatic connecting sets with profile connectors from KIPP enable a multitude of connecting tasks to be solved. Hammer-head screws and parallel keys round off the product portfolio of this product group.

Shaft collar / Clamping hubs

Shaft collars are mostly used as stops or travel limiters in machine construction. Shaft collars can also be used to easily and effectively limit the screw-in depth of threaded rods. Clamping hubs are used to join two shafts.
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