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DescriptionMaterial:Foot plate and threaded spindle in steel.Version:Foot plate and threaded spindle electro zinc-plated.Note:The threaded spindle is pressed into the rotatable base.Special features:
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 Datasheet K0678_MB Levelling feet with hole 145 kB


Levelling feet with hole

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Order No.VersionADD1D2HH1LSWLoad rating
max. kN (static
load only)
K0678.13008X016with hole24,330M84112716132,5 on request
K0678.13008X020with hole24,330M84113120132,5 on request
K0678.13008X030with hole24,330M84114130132,5 on request
K0678.13008X040with hole24,330M84115140132,5 on request
K0678.13008X050with hole24,330M84116150132,5 on request
K0678.13010X016with hole24,330M10412,528,516173,5 on request
K0678.13010X020with hole24,330M10412,532,520173,5 on request
K0678.13010X030with hole24,330M10412,542,530173,5 on request
K0678.13010X040with hole24,330M10412,552,540173,5 on request
K0678.13010X050with hole24,330M10412,562,550173,5 on request
K0678.13010X060with hole24,330M10412,572,560173,5 on request
K0678.14008X016with hole3040M85112716132,5 on request
K0678.14008X020with hole3040M85113120132,5 on request
K0678.14008X030with hole3040M85114130132,5 on request
K0678.14008X040with hole3040M85115140132,5 on request
K0678.14008X050with hole3040M85116150132,5 on request
K0678.14010X016with hole3040M105112716173,5 on request
K0678.14010X020with hole3040M105113120173,5 on request
K0678.14010X030with hole3040M105114130173,5 on request
K0678.14010X040with hole3040M105115140173,5 on request
K0678.14010X050with hole3040M105116150173,5 on request
K0678.14010X060with hole3040M105117160173,5 on request
K0678.15008X016with hole3550M85,512,528,516132,5 on request
K0678.15008X020with hole3550M85,512,532,520132,5 on request
K0678.15008X030with hole3550M85,512,542,530132,5 on request
K0678.15008X040with hole3550M85,512,552,540132,5 on request
K0678.15008X050with hole3550M85,512,562,550132,5 on request
K0678.15010X016with hole3550M105,5143016173,5 on request
K0678.15010X020with hole3550M105,5143420173,5 on request
K0678.15010X030with hole3550M105,5144430173,5 on request
K0678.15010X040with hole3550M105,5145440173,5 on request
K0678.15010X050with hole3550M105,5146450173,5 on request
K0678.15010X060with hole3550M105,5147460173,5 on request
K0678.16008X016with hole4660M85,513,529,516132,5 on request
K0678.16008X020with hole4660M85,513,533,520132,5 on request
K0678.16008X030with hole4660M85,513,543,530132,5 on request
K0678.16008X040with hole4660M85,513,553,540132,5 on request
K0678.16008X050with hole4660M85,513,563,550132,5 on request
K0678.16010X016with hole4660M105,5153116173,5 on request
K0678.16010X020with hole4660M105,5153520173,5 on request
K0678.16010X030with hole4660M105,5154530173,5 on request
K0678.16010X040with hole4660M105,5155540173,5 on request
K0678.16010X050with hole4660M105,5156550173,5 on request
K0678.16010X060with hole4660M105,5157560173,5 on request

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