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Knurled torque knobs external thread

Knurled torque knobs external thread

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DescriptionMaterial:Thermoplastic, black grey. Pin steel 5.8.Version:
Pin blue passivated
Note:The set screw sets the required torque. The knob de-clutches and turns freely when the desired torque is reached.Drawing reference:
1) adjusting screw for setting the torque
Special features:
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 Datasheet K0277_AG Knurled torque knobs external thread 153 kB


Knurled torque knobs external thread

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Order No.Version

SizeDD1D2D3D4HH1LAdjustable torque ca.
Nm min. - max.
K0277.205X30external threadSteelblack grey RAL 70212M5261823162710,5300,1 - 0,3 on request
K0277.2055X30external threadSteellight grey RAL 70352M5261823162710,5300,1 - 0,3 on request
K0277.2056X30external threadSteeltraffic red RAL 30202M5261823162710,5300,1 - 0,3 on request
K0277.2057X30external threadSteelrape yellow RAL 10212M5261823162710,5300,1 - 0,3 on request
K0277.205X50external threadSteelblack grey RAL 70212M5261823162710,5500,1 - 0,3 on request
K0277.2055X50external threadSteellight grey RAL 70352M5261823162710,5500,1 - 0,3 on request
K0277.2056X50external threadSteeltraffic red RAL 30202M5261823162710,5500,1 - 0,3 on request
K0277.2057X50external threadSteelrape yellow RAL 10212M5261823162710,5500,1 - 0,3 on request
K0277.206X30external threadSteelblack grey RAL 70212M6261823162710,5300,1 - 0,3 on request
K0277.2065X30external threadSteellight grey RAL 70352M6261823162710,5300,1 - 0,3 on request
K0277.2066X30external threadSteeltraffic red RAL 30202M6261823162710,5300,1 - 0,3 on request
K0277.2067X30external threadSteelrape yellow RAL 10212M6261823162710,5300,1 - 0,3 on request
K0277.206X50external threadSteelblack grey RAL 70212M6261823162710,5500,1 - 0,3 on request
K0277.2065X50external threadSteellight grey RAL 70352M6261823162710,5500,1 - 0,3 on request
K0277.2066X50external threadSteeltraffic red RAL 30202M6261823162710,5500,1 - 0,3 on request
K0277.2067X50external threadSteelrape yellow RAL 10212M6261823162710,5500,1 - 0,3 on request
K0277.306X40external threadSteelblack grey RAL 70213M63422312037,514,5400,1 - 0,3 on request
K0277.3065X40external threadSteellight grey RAL 70353M63422312037,514,5400,1 - 0,3 on request
K0277.3066X40external threadSteeltraffic red RAL 30203M63422312037,514,5400,1 - 0,3 on request
K0277.3067X40external threadSteelrape yellow RAL 10213M63422312037,514,5400,1 - 0,3 on request
K0277.306X60external threadSteelblack grey RAL 70213M63422312037,514,5600,1 - 0,3 on request
K0277.3065X60external threadSteellight grey RAL 70353M63422312037,514,5600,1 - 0,3 on request
K0277.3066X60external threadSteeltraffic red RAL 30203M63422312037,514,5600,1 - 0,3 on request
K0277.3067X60external threadSteelrape yellow RAL 10213M63422312037,514,5600,1 - 0,3 on request
K0277.308X40external threadSteelblack grey RAL 70213M83422312037,514,5400,1 - 0,3 on request
K0277.3085X40external threadSteellight grey RAL 70353M83422312037,514,5400,1 - 0,3 on request
K0277.3086X40external threadSteeltraffic red RAL 30203M83422312037,514,5400,1 - 0,3 on request
K0277.3087X40external threadSteelrape yellow RAL 10213M83422312037,514,5400,1 - 0,3 on request
K0277.308X60external threadSteelblack grey RAL 70213M83422312037,514,5600,1 - 0,3 on request
K0277.3085X60external threadSteellight grey RAL 70353M83422312037,514,5600,1 - 0,3 on request
K0277.3086X60external threadSteeltraffic red RAL 30203M83422312037,514,5600,1 - 0,3 on request
K0277.3087X60external threadSteelrape yellow RAL 10213M83422312037,514,5600,1 - 0,3 on request

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