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UNI lock 5-axis modular system

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KIPP clamping system for complete processing with clamping in one position

UNI lock 5-axis modular system

The UNI lock 5-axis modular system guarantees maximum precision during workpiece machining: while machine vices frequently need to be reclamped, the jack bars of the 5-axis modular system from KIPP enable optimum accessibility from all sides during clamping operations. This reduces set-up costs, allows standard tools to be used and minimises accuracy losses resulting from frequent reclamping.
KIPP UNI lock clamping system for complete machining in one clamp
Function UNI lock 5-axis module system
From blank to finished product – for free-form parts, with the UNI lock stacking modules, KIPP offers you the right clamping technology for machining workpieces on 5-axis machines from all sides. Even milling across the 6th side is possible. Various heights, docking on interfaces and CNC machining different workpieces, all of these are no problem at all with UNI lock.

Over 70 basic modules, extension modules and accessories – from collet adapters to centring clamping bolts – ensure collision-free working, ultimate stability and maximum clamping force on the workpiece.

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KIPP UNI lock 5-axis clamping system: Large selection of basic modules and add-on clamp modules
Advantages UNI lock clamping modules
Thanks to its modular clamping extensions, UNI lock is synonymous with high flexibility and a machining room free of interfering edges: the jack bars have interfaces to standard systems. They can be attached to t-slot tables, grid hole systems, a multitude of zero-point clamping systems or directly onto machine tables.

Workpieces can also be positively fitted to the clamping system and positioned via threads or precision diameters. Direct workpiece clamping ensures maximum repeat accuracy during machining.
Tightening torque for UNI lock 5-axis clamping system basic module
Application example: Workpiece mounted on UNI lock and ready for machining
Load caused by forces on the basic module
KIPP basic module with collet adapter mounted directly on a machine table with T-slots
Example of use
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Example of use
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