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Workholding cubes, grey cast iron with T-slots

Workholding cubes, grey cast iron with T-slots

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DescriptionMaterial:GJL 300.Version:Support and mounting surfaces precision machinedNote:Tombstones with T-slots are used for constructing modular fixtures on horizontal machines.
The precise longitudinal and transverse slot spacing ensures very high repeat clamping accuracy.
The tombstones conform to machine tables for machine tools acc. to DIN 55201 and JIS 6337-1980.
Please order locating pins for positioning subplates on machine tables acc. to DIN 55201 separately.
Ring bolts for hoisting are supplied.
Other dimensions available on request.
Drawing reference:
1) hole for DIN 912 cap screw (D3/D4)
Special features:
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Are you looking for CAD data? These can be found directly in the product table.
 Datasheet K0805 Workholding cubes, grey cast iron with T-slots 394 kB
 Technical information for positioning basic elements 1,4 MB


Workholding cubes, grey cast iron with T-slots
Workholding cubes, grey cast iron with T-slots

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D3D4D5H3L1L2L3L4L5L6L7L9L11BN=slot widthNB=No.
K0805.3140400504005005020M16M12M16182503203002002001505510025143 on request
K0805.3140400654006505020M16M12M16182503203002002001505510025144 on request
K0805.3140500605006005020M16M12M1618300400200-2502007510025144 on request
K0805.3140500755007505020M16M12M1618300400200-2502007510025145 on request
K0805.3140630706307005025M16M16M1618350500400-31520010012525144 on request
K0805.3140630856308505025M16M16M1618350500400-31520010012525145 on request
K0805.3140800808008005025M16M16M161850064060040040030013515025144 on request
K0805.31408010080010005025M16M16M161850064060040040030013515025145 on request
K0805.314100100100010005525M20M20M1618600800200-50040016516025145 on request
K0805.314100125100012505525M20M20M1618600800200-50040016516025146 on request
K0805.3180400504005005020M16M12M16182503203002002001505510025183 on request
K0805.3180400654006505020M16M12M16182503203002002001505510025184 on request
K0805.3180500605006005020M16M12M1618300400200-2502007510025184 on request
K0805.3180500755007505020M16M12M1618300400200-2502007510025185 on request
K0805.3180630706307005025M16M16M1618350500400-31520010012525184 on request
K0805.3180630856308505025M16M16M1618350500400-31520010012525185 on request
K0805.3180800808008005025M16M16M161850064060040040030013515025184 on request
K0805.31808010080010005025M16M16M161850064060040040030013515025185 on request
K0805.318100100100010005525M20M20M1618600800200-50040016516025185 on request
K0805.318100125100012505525M20M20M1618600800200-50040016516025186 on request
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