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Eye bolts DIN 444, Form B with long thread

Eye bolts DIN 444, Form B with long thread

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DescriptionMaterial:Steel or 1.4305 stainless steelVersion:Steel grade 8.8, black oxidised.
Stainless steel bright.
Note:Eye bolts, threaded up to the eye.
See K0007 for suitable hinge pins.
Drawing reference:
U = max. 2 P (incomplete thread)
X1 = to DIN 76 part 1
Special features:
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 Datasheet K1418 Eye bolts DIN 444, Form B with long thread 212 kB


Eye bolts DIN 444, Form B with long thread

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K1418.0650steelM6614501447 on request
K1418.0660steelM6614601447 on request
K1418.0670steelM6614701447 on request
K1418.0680steelM6614801447 on request
K1418.0850steelM8818501649 on request
K1418.0860steelM8818601649 on request
K1418.0870steelM8818701649 on request
K1418.0880steelM8818801649 on request
K1418.08100steelM88181001649 on request
K1418.1050steelM1010205018412 on request
K1418.1060steelM1010206018412 on request
K1418.1070steelM1010207018412 on request
K1418.1080steelM1010208018412 on request
K1418.10100steelM10102010018412 on request
K1418.10120steelM10102012018412 on request
K1418.1250steelM1212255023614 on request
K1418.1260steelM1212256023614 on request
K1418.1270steelM1212257023614 on request
K1418.1280steelM1212258023614 on request
K1418.12100steelM12122510023614 on request
K1418.12120steelM12122512023614 on request
K1418.12130steelM12122513023614 on request
K1418.1670steelM1616327027617 on request
K1418.1680steelM1616328027617 on request
K1418.16100steelM16163210027617 on request
K1418.16120steelM16163212027617 on request
K1418.16140steelM16163214027617 on request
K1418.16160steelM16163216027617 on request
K1418.20100steelM20184010032622 on request
K1418.20120steelM20184012032622 on request
K1418.20140steelM20184014032622 on request
K1418.20160steelM20184016032622 on request
K1418.24160steelM242245160401025 on request
K1418.24240steelM242245240401025 on request
K1418.10650stainless steelM6614501447 on request
K1418.10660stainless steelM6614601447 on request
K1418.10670stainless steelM6614701447 on request
K1418.10680stainless steelM6614801447 on request
K1418.10850stainless steelM8818501649 on request
K1418.10860stainless steelM8818601649 on request
K1418.10870stainless steelM8818701649 on request
K1418.10880stainless steelM8818801649 on request
K1418.108100stainless steelM88181001649 on request
K1418.11050stainless steelM1010205018412 on request
K1418.11060stainless steelM1010206018412 on request
K1418.11070stainless steelM1010207018412 on request
K1418.11080stainless steelM1010208018412 on request
K1418.110100stainless steelM10102010018412 on request
K1418.110120stainless steelM10102012018412 on request
K1418.11250stainless steelM1212255023614 on request
K1418.11260stainless steelM1212256023614 on request
K1418.11270stainless steelM1212257023614 on request
K1418.11280stainless steelM1212258023614 on request
K1418.112100stainless steelM12122510023614 on request
K1418.112120stainless steelM12122512023614 on request
K1418.112130stainless steelM12122513023614 on request
K1418.11670stainless steelM1616327027617 on request
K1418.11680stainless steelM1616328027617 on request
K1418.116100stainless steelM16163210027617 on request
K1418.116120stainless steelM16163212027617 on request
K1418.116140stainless steelM16163214027617 on request
K1418.116160stainless steelM16163216027617 on request
K1418.120100stainless steelM20184010032622 on request
K1418.120120stainless steelM20184012032622 on request
K1418.120140stainless steelM20184014032622 on request
K1418.120160stainless steelM20184016032622 on request
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