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DescriptionMaterial:Carbon steel.Version:Forged and milled, rolled thread.
M6-M12 tempered to 10.9, black.
M14-M36 tempered to 8.8, black.
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 Datasheet K0698 T-slot boltsDIN 787 144 kB


T-slot boltsDIN 787

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slot size

K0698.06256M6255,715104 on request
K0698.06406M6405,728104 on request
K0698.06636M6635,740104 on request
K0698.08328M8327,722136 on request
K0698.08508M8507,735136 on request
K0698.08808M8807,750136 on request
K0698.104010M10409,730156 on request
K0698.106310M10639,745156 on request
K0698.1010010M101009,760156 on request
K0698.125012M125011,735187 on request
K0698.126312M126311,740187 on request
K0698.128012M128011,755187 on request
K0698.1210012M1210011,765187 on request
K0698.1212512M1212511,775187 on request
K0698.1216012M1216011,7100187 on request
K0698.1220012M1220011,7120187 on request
K0698.145014M125013,735228 on request
K0698.146314M126313,745228 on request
K0698.148014M128013,755228 on request
K0698.1410014M1210013,765228 on request
K0698.1412514M1212513,775228 on request
K0698.1416014M1216013,7100228 on request
K0698.1420014M1220013,7120228 on request
K0698.1663116M146315,745259 on request
K0698.1680116M148015,755259 on request
K0698.16100116M1410015,765259 on request
K0698.16125116M1412515,775259 on request
K0698.16160116M1416015,7100259 on request
K0698.16250116M1425015,7150259 on request
K0698.166316M166315,745259 on request
K0698.168016M168015,755259 on request
K0698.1610016M1610015,765259 on request
K0698.1612516M1612515,785259 on request
K0698.1616016M1616015,7100259 on request
K0698.1620016M1620015,7125259 on request
K0698.1625016M1625015,7150259 on request
K0698.186318M166317,7452810 on request
K0698.188018M168017,7552810 on request
K0698.1810018M1610017,7652810 on request
K0698.1812518M1612517,7852810 on request
K0698.1816018M1616017,71002810 on request
K0698.1820018M1620017,71252810 on request
K0698.1825018M1625017,71502810 on request
K0698.208020M208019,7553212 on request
K0698.2010020M2010019,7653212 on request
K0698.2012520M2012519,7853212 on request
K0698.2016020M2016019,71103212 on request
K0698.2020020M2020019,71253212 on request
K0698.2025020M2025019,71503212 on request
K0698.2031520M2031519,71903212 on request
K0698.228022M208021,7553514 on request
K0698.2210022M2010021,7653514 on request
K0698.2212522M2012521,7853514 on request
K0698.2216022M2016021,71103514 on request
K0698.2220022M2020021,71253514 on request
K0698.2225022M2025021,71503514 on request
K0698.2231522M2031521,71903514 on request
K0698.2410024M2410023,7704016 on request
K0698.2412524M2412523,7854016 on request
K0698.2416024M2416023,71104016 on request
K0698.2420024M2420023,71254016 on request
K0698.2425024M2425023,71504016 on request
K0698.2431524M2431523,71904016 on request
K0698.2440024M2440023,72404016 on request
K0698.2810028M2410027,7704418 on request
K0698.2812528M2412527,7854418 on request
K0698.2816028M2416027,71104418 on request
K0698.2820028M2420027,71254418 on request
K0698.2825028M2425027,71504418 on request
K0698.2831528M2431527,71904418 on request
K0698.2840028M2440027,72404418 on request
K0698.3612536M3012535,6805422 on request
K0698.3616036M3016035,61105422 on request
K0698.3620036M3020035,61355422 on request
K0698.3625036M3025035,61505422 on request
K0698.3631536M3031535,62005422 on request
K0698.3650036M3050035,63005422 on request
K0698.4216042M3616041,61006526 on request
K0698.4225042M3625041,61756526 on request
K0698.4240042M3640041,62506526 on request
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