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KIPP's range of cap screws includes various types, materials and standards. Depending on the material and its properties, cap screws are made from untreated stainless steel or surface treated steel (black or electro zinc-plated). The basis of the screws available from KIPP are the standards DIN 912 / DIN EN ISO 4762 and DIN 6912. Due to their versatility, hexagon socket cap screws are suitable for all metalworking sectors such as machine construction, the automotive industry or aerospace.

Types of cap screws from KIPP

KIPP offers cap screws in various designs with hexagon socket and regular thread. A choice can be made between those with full thread or partial thread and shaft. Cap screws with a full thread have are threaded up to the head. A screw with shaft is not threaded all the way to the head.

KIPP also has cap screws with a low head. These types are useful where the screw head must be countersunk into the workpiece. Cap screws are often used in places where there are strong vibrations. Without a suitable locking device, the screws can loosen. To prevent this, KIPP offers socket head screws with LONG-LOK thread lock. These prevent the screw working loose and can be used multiple times.

The correct size of cap screw is crucial

Due to the versatile application possibilities of cap screws, KIPP offers a wide range of different variants and models, based on DIN 912 / DIN EN ISO 4762 and DIN 6912. In order to find the appropriate screw for your application, it is important to know the correct dimensions. The following is an overview of the various abbreviations, dimensions and their meanings.




Thread diameter


Total length (thread + shaft)


Thread length


Head diameter


Head height


Hex size

All dimensions are in millimetres.

The basis for any decision is the thread diameter (D). Since in Europe metric threads are standard, the diameter is preceded by the letter M (for metric). A thread diameter of 8 mm is therefore an M8 cap screw. The total length of the screw is also decisive. It is added to the diameter designation. If the length is 40 mm, we would have a cap screw M8x40. The other dimensions and specifications are derived from DIN 912 / DIN EN ISO 4762 or DIN 6912. Due to standardisation, all KIPP cap screws have a standard thread. Deviating thread pitches i.e. fine threads, are not available. Therefore, an indication of the thread pitch is ignored.

Depending on the subsequent application, the strength class of the cap screw also plays an important role. This is indicated by two numbers separated by a dot. The number before the dot describes the tensile strength in N/mm2. When multiplied by 100, the force at which the material is deformed or even ruptures is calculated. The number after the dot indicates the yield strength of the screw. This is first multiplied by the number before the dot and then by 10. The result is the yield point. For instance, if a DIN 912 cap screw is rated 8.8, then it has a tensile strength of 800 N/mm2 and a yield point of 640 N/mm2.

Securing is what counts

These are diverse methods of securing a cap screw. It should be considered in advance whether the screws being secured need to be removed regularly. If this is the case, you should refrain from using a liquid threadlocker. Although these prevent the screw from loosening on its own, it is destroyed when the screw is intentionally removed. The liquid threadlocker must then be renewed. The LONG-LOK thread lock from KIPP, on the other hand, reliably secures your cap screw even after repeated loosening and tightening - no falling out or loosening due to vibration, impact or shock. To secure screws and bolts that do not have the LONG-LOK thread lock from loosening on their own, we recommend the use of hex nuts with polyamide thread lock.

Order cap screws from HEINRICH KIPP WERK online

Order your cap screws online directly from our shop. Certified process stages and regular quality control guarantees high-quality products. The standards DIN 912 / DIN EN ISO 4762 and DIN 6912 as a basis for cap screws from KIPP enable precisely fitting applications. This means that all metric hex keys can be used - no special tools are required. We have many cap screws from our range in stock and can deliver them quickly. If you cannot find the appropriate cap screw in our online shop, contact us! On request, we can develope individual custom products tailored to your specifications.
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