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DescriptionMaterial:Carbon steel grade 10, EN AW-7075 or stainless steel 1.4305.Version:Steel black.
Aluminium and stainless steel bright.
Note:Nuts for T-slots in aluminium have threaded steel inserts.
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 Datasheet K0377 Nuts for T-slotsDIN 508 enhanced 193 kB


Nuts for T-slotsDIN 508 enhanced

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Order No.Main
slot size
K0377.204Aluminium6M45,61084 on request
K0377.05Carbon steel6M55,61084 on request
K0377.06Carbon steel8M67,613106 on request
K0377.206Aluminium8M67,613106 on request
K0377.806Stainless steel8M67,613106 on request
K0377.2061Aluminium10M69,615126 on request
K0377.061Carbon steel10M69,615126 on request
K0377.08Carbon steel10M89,615126 on request
K0377.808Stainless steel10M89,615126 on request
K0377.208Aluminium12M811,518147 on request
K0377.081Carbon steel12M811,518147 on request
K0377.810Stainless steel12M1011,518147 on request
K0377.10Carbon steel12M1011,518147 on request
K0377.082Carbon steel14M813,522168 on request
K0377.210Aluminium14M1013,522168 on request
K0377.101Carbon steel14M1013,522168 on request
K0377.12Carbon steel14M1213,522168 on request
K0377.812Stainless steel14M1213,522168 on request
K0377.121Carbon steel16M1215,625189 on request
K0377.814Stainless steel16M1415,625189 on request
K0377.14Carbon steel16M1415,625189 on request
K0377.122Carbon steel18M1217,5282010 on request
K0377.141Carbon steel18M1417,5282010 on request
K0377.816Stainless steel18M1617,5282010 on request
K0377.16Carbon steel18M1617,5282010 on request
K0377.123Carbon steel20M1219,6322412 on request
K0377.161Carbon steel20M1619,6322412 on request
K0377.18Carbon steel20M1819,6322412 on request
K0377.216Aluminium22M1621,6352814 on request
K0377.124Carbon steel22M1221,6352814 on request
K0377.181Carbon steel22M1821,6352814 on request
K0377.20Carbon steel22M2021,6352814 on request
K0377.163Carbon steel24M1623,6403216 on request
K0377.201Carbon steel24M2023,6403216 on request
K0377.22Carbon steel24M2223,6403216 on request
K0377.164Carbon steel28M1627,6443618 on request
K0377.202Carbon steel28M2027,6443618 on request
K0377.24Carbon steel28M2427,6443618 on request
K0377.27Carbon steel32M2731,5504020 on request
K0377.241Carbon steel36M2435,5544422 on request
K0377.30Carbon steel36M3035,5544422 on request
K0377.36Carbon steel42M3641,5655226 on request
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