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Snap locks stainless steel with grip, fold-down Form B

Snap locks stainless steel with grip, fold-down Form B

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Stainless steel 1.4401.

Version:Ground and polished or matt abrasive blasted.Note:With their countersunk grip, these snap locks are designed for flush installation in doors, hatches and covers.
Available in two different sizes for different door leaf thicknesses. Additional security with lockable variants. The locks have a single key system, all locks can be opened with the same key.
The pre-tensioned grip prevents rattling.

Max. torque to tighten the screws: 2.4 Nm.

Form A: lockable
Form B: not lockable
Type of operation:When the grip is pulled, the latch retracts and the door can be opened. The door latches automatically when pushed shut. The latch can also be actuated from the rear.Application:- Automotive industries
- Machine construction
- Boat and ship building
- Aviation and aerospace
- Motorhomes and caravans
- Medical technology
Assembly:1. Produce a mounting cutout as shown in the drawing.
2. Attach the catch plate.
3. Secure from the rear using the mounting parts supplied.
Supplied withMounting bracket with M4 screws and catch plate.
The lockable snap locks are each supplied with 2 keys.
M5 screws for the catch plate are not supplied.
Drawing reference:
1) Door leaf
2) Frame
3) Grip
4) Catch plate
5) Mounting bracket thickness (see Table H7)
6) Mounting cutout
Special features:
Stainless steelRoHS
DownloadHere is all the information as a PDF datasheet:

Are you looking for CAD data? These can be found directly in the product table.
 Datasheet K1850_B Snap locks stainless steel with grip, fold-down Form B 364 kB


Snap locks stainless steel with grip, fold-down Form B

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Order No.FormForm definitionSurface finish

K1850.1002356044Bnot lockablepolished1960325,449,5504,535,931,14,530,525,5143323 on request
K1850.1012356044Bnot lockablepolished1960325,449,5504,535,931,14,530,525,5143312,5 on request
K1850.1002356055Bnot lockablematt blasted1960325,449,5504,535,931,14,530,525,5143323 on request
K1850.1012356055Bnot lockablematt blasted1960325,449,5504,535,931,14,530,525,5143312,5 on request
Order No.L

L1L2L3F=retaining force (N) Traction
F1 N
Temperature range
S = Door thickness
in mm
K1850.1002356044415,6118,6850100-2-12M4x6 on request
K1850.1012356044415,6118,6850100-12-22M4x20 on request
K1850.1002356055415,6118,6850100-2-12M4x6 on request
K1850.1012356055415,6118,6850100-12-22M4x20 on request
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