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High forces can be generated by generating oil pressure. Hydraulic products offer the possibility of clamping workpieces safely and precisely during machining. The ability to generate high clamping forces and distribute them evenly leads to increased processes. Hydraulic clamping elements are predominantly used in devices of automation solutions.

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In this diverse technology area, compressed air-operated systems are used. KIPP's pneumatically operated products guarantee shorter cycle times compared to mechanically operated items. This product line impresses with its high process reliability and is therefore suitable for use in automation.

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The detectable products made of a special plastic can be quickly and reliably located by detection systems. 

  • Metal detectable – smallest fragments are reliably detected
  • Visually detectable – easy detection due to ultramarine blue plastic

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With the new FEATUREgrip product range, KIPP has developed and offers smart components and solutions that deliver information and can be networked and so are suitable for Industry 4.0.

The aim is for customers to use these intelligent components to help make digitised manufacturing processes more stable, precise and reliable by providing additional information.

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NOVOnox hygienic

The stainless steel products from the NOVOnox hygienic line target the foodstuff, pharmaceutical, chemical and packaging sectors.

  • Hygienic DESIGN – The new standard
  • Hygienic USIT® – The innovation in the processing industry

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Products marked with this symbol are suitable for incorporation into standardised 19 inch systems. Whether it‘s handles, tracks or standard elements – they all go together optimally in the IT department, in racks for event technology, laboratories or computer centres.

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Products marked with this symbol are made of stainless steel. The austenitic alloy 1.4305 is mainly used here.

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These products are made from an electrically conductive plastic. They can therefore be used in ESD protection areas which often incorporate electrostatically sensitive components.

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MEDIgrip is suitable for use in areas with high hygienic requirements. The operating parts contain micro silver, which has an antibacterial effect on the surface.

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Environmentally friendly and free of oil based products. Our NATUREgrip line of products are produced from biopolymer. This is made entirely from renewable raw materials.

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Our NOVOgrip product line is the classic in the plastics sector – well thought out in every detail. Sophisticated design, easy-grip shape and good value for money. All the plastic elements are available in several colour combinations and the most varied sizes.

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It’s in the name – at least with SYMPAtouch, our product line for maximum ergonomic efficiency. The soft and at the same time antislip material sits perfectly in the hand. This allows a firm grip and protects the hands in frequent use.

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Accessories for aluminium profiles

Products in this group offer solutions for everything to do with connecting, clamping and holding aluminium profiles.
These components fit perfectly with all standard profiles with a 8 mm or 10 mm keyway width.
With connectors, hinges, cover elements, angles and hinges, the group provides many different construction possibilities for ALUMINIUM PROFILES.

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