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Stainless steel range in Hygienic DESIGN and Hygienic USIT®

The stainless steel products from the NOVOnox hygienic line target the foodstuff, pharmaceutical, chemical and packaging branches. KIPP guaranties representatives of these branches the support of a full-range provider with manufacturing competence. All products comply with the KIPP quality requirements and are delivered on schedule from the logistics centre in Germany.

Wide product diversity, high service competence and constant delivery capability - The NOVOnox hygienic product line creates significant added value.
The European Hygienic Engineering & Design Group (EHEDG) was founded in 1989
The organization consists of individuals employed in equipment manufacturing, food manufacturing, food industry suppliers, research institutes and universities, health authorities, and government organizations.
The aim of EHEDG is to constantly improve hygiene technology and design in all areas of food production.
As a member, HEINRICH KIPP WERK sees itself responsible for the implementation of these EHEDG requirements. Information on the essential Hygienic Design Standards is passed on by the EHEDG to its members in accordance with the legislation.

DGUV-Test is the testing and certification system of the social accident insurance institutions, in which the testing and certification bodies of all of the social accident insurance institutions have joined forces. The testing and certification agencies in DGUV-Test are conformity assessment agencies who are responsible for the testing and certification of products, partial aspects and processes and for auditing and certification of management systems.

Testing and Certification Body for Food and Packaging at the DGUV

The Testing and Certification Body of the Foodstuff Division is an approved and notified testing laboratory located in Mannheim with another testing laboratory in Mainz. The Mannheim test laboratory mainly tests packaging machines and other food processing machines. Partial aspects such as hygiene can also be tested and certified. The tested and certified products are entitled to bear the DGUV test symbol as proof of quality. The DGUV Test symbol "Hygiene tested" confirms compliance with hygiene requirements based on Europe-wide regulations. All tests can also be carried out during the development phase - a considerable time advantage when introducing new products to the market.

Hygienic DESIGN

The term "Hygienic DESIGN" stands for the standard design regulations for respective machine components or machine elements. For instance, standard and operating parts manufactured according to Hygienic DESIGN have smooth surfaces so that germs, product residues and dirt are easily cleaned off. Radii, transitions and chamfers must also be designed to prevent wetting and so that these can also be kept clean.

An especially high quality of stainless steel also ensures that product residues and cleaning agents do not adhere. Free from notches, eruptions, indentations and cavities - Hygienic DESIGN stainless steel (A4) components offer hardly any target surfaces in the fields of machining or cleaning procedures.
Hygienic DESIGN - the new standard

Wide and narrow Hygienic DESIGN wing nuts

  • Simple screw connections are realisable
  • Easy opening and closing without tools

To narrow version

To wide version

Ball head screw in Hygienic DESIGN

  • Optimum fastening element for securing metal panels and Plexiglas covers
  • Tightened over two flats using a spanner

To product

Hexagon head bolt with narrow shaft in Hygienic DESIGN

  • Secured against accidental loss when used together with a securing element
  • Spontaneously screwing back out is prevented in manual operation

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Hygienic DESIGN hexagon head screws - Nothing adheres!

Compact cap nut in Hygienic DESIGN

  • Polished surface of the cap nut
  • Low version is chosen so as to keep protruding edges as few as possible

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Hygienic USIT®

Whereas the term "Hygienic DESIGN" refers primarily to the respective design regulations for machine components, products for "Hygienic USIT®" are registered and patented stainless steel (A4) components.

Fastening positions in process technology plant constructions have to be absolutely tight and easy to clean. Cavities where residues or cleaning liquids can collect unnoticed must be prevented. These are the breeding grounds for germs and bacteria. A contamination is often only a question of time.
Hygienic USIT® – the innovation in the processing industry
Hygienic USIT® from Freudenberg Sealing Technologies solves this problem. The new type of washer with the specially matched screw system from NOVOnox hygienic.

- Contaminatin rolls off
- Nothing can adhere
- Nothing can germinate

Hygienic USIT® is the new revolutionary sealing and fastening technology in one package. Screw head, nut, washer and screw shaft are perfectly matched to each other and form a system unit. High-gloss polished surfaces, radii, chamfers and form transitions are cavity-free and enable easy cleaning. Stainless steel (A4) components ensure highest hygienic requirements and comply fully with the demands in EHEDG.
The seal ring made a of metallic flat seal and vulcanised beading is the heart of Hygienic USIT®. The trapezoid formed contour of the seal beading and the high-gloss polished collar face of the screw seal the screw point with a form fit. The sealing properties remain constant even by repeated tightening and loosening. The reason: The screw travel is mechanically limited by the metallic disc. Over stressing the seal is prevented. The position and deformation of the seal is reproduced almost 100 % due to the polished surface together with the centring receiver on the screw shaft.

Various types of sealing and shim washers are available, depending on the application:

70 EPDM 295 – black
- Predominantly used in the processing and beverage industries and in dairies

70 EPDM 253815 – white
- Predominantly used in medical technology and pharmaceutical industries

75 FLUOROPRENE® XP 41 – blue
- For special requirements such as very fatty, aggressive mediums and very high temperatures that could occur during e.g. cleaning the plant

Hygienic USIT® Freudenberg Sealing Technologies - Sealing bead for 100% hygienic sealing

Hygienic USIT® product overview

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NOVOnox hygienic

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