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Indexing plungers, also known as cam action indexing plungers, are amongst the standardised construction components that allow moving machine components to be adjusted quickly. Pulling the pull-button or pull-ring retracts a pin from the counter piece so that machine parts can be put in the suitable position and then clamped again. KIPP provides you with indexing plungers in a range of sizes, forms and materials. We guarantee that your products will function smoothly and exhibit the highest levels of quality and resistance.
Indexing plungers for variety of applications
The indexing plungers from KIPP are used in swivelling devices or rotating devices, as well as in the positioning of stops. In addition to easy handling, the durability and quality of the indexing plungers are also well worth a mention. We ensure that our indexing plungers have an exact run and lock securely into the end position – regardless of whether the plunger is screwed into existing threads or welded on to produce a smooth finish. As a result even the strongest transverse forces have no effect during machining and a new locking position can only be set once the plunger has been manually disengaged.
How the indexing plunger works
In order to guarantee high levels of stability and corrosion resistance, KIPP indexing plungers are made out of steel and stainless steel. A plastic or stainless-steel mushroom grip ensures that conical and cylindrical plungers are simple to operate and easy to handle. What's more, KIPP has also developed a special plunger with a flat nut to ensure problem-free mounting on steel-panel constructions and thick-panel parts. All plungers are available in standard pin lengths and plunger diameters.

KIPP also produces custom-solution indexing plungers on request.
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