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HEINRICH KIPP WERK has been producing parts in Germany for 100 years and has been a leading industrial manufacturer of clamping elements and grips for over 60 years. Many of these elements are used in machine and plant construction. KIPP grips are versatile, ergonomically designed, available in various sizes and colours, easy to adapt and mount, and are very robust. The key feature of KIPP grips is their high quality as characterised by their outstanding haptics and durability. At HEINRICH KIPP WERK quality is our top priority.
KIPP grips for opening and closing hatches, hoods and doors

Grip versions

KIPP offers a wide selection of pull handles, tubular handles, fold-down handles, arch pull handles, recessed handles, palm grips, star grips, spherical knobs and cylinder grips. They are used in almost every area of industry, including plant construction, toolmaking, fixture construction, mechanical engineering, sport equipment, furniture and medical technology. As they are used in day-to-day work, the grips should be particularly functional and easy to use.
KIPP ball grips for control knobs

Grip operating principle

Grips are used for operating, holding and clamping, and as fastening elements to open and close flaps, hoods and doors. Ergonomic operating elements for holding or opening are required for a wide range of different applications. As they are used every day, the grips should be particularly stable. Operating elements from KIPP are therefore designed to withstand permanent loading for years without any problems. Thanks to their threads or reamed holes, many operating parts can be directly connected to the construction and therefore offer a secure connection with an elegant visual design.
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