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Rubber buffers

Buffer elements, such as rubber buffers or rubber-metal buffers, absorb kinetic energy from aggregates or assemblies. The end pieces made of steel or stainless steel ensure that the rubber buffers can be installed as effectively as possible.
Rubber buffers steel or stainless steel type C
Application areas for rubber buffers

Rubber buffers are used in mechanical engineering, assembly construction, special-purpose machines and in transport technology. They are popular construction elements for mounting aggregates and as elastic buffers to limit the spring travel by moving masses. They are ideal for absorbing vibrations on engines, compressors, pumps and testing machines, or for use as impact buffers on load-bearing systems.

Rubber buffers type AT tapered

Different Rubber buffers versions are available with different Shore grades. KIPP mostly supplies them in the material combination "metal-rubber buffer" (natural rubber, steel or stainless steel). Different types are provided for certain applications. For example, rubber buffers make it possible to absorb and cushion shocks. Elements with tapered rubber contour reduce high edge loads of the rubber by radial deflection and so increase the components service life. At KIPP, rubber buffers are available in different forms, such as rubber cylinders, rubber cones or rubber buffers with a thread. What's more, different thread sizes are available, such as M8 rubber buffers, M6 rubber buffer, conical impact buffers or door buffers.

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