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Locating cylinder stainless steel Ball Lock

Locating cylinder stainless steel Ball Lock

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DescriptionMaterial:Version:Locating cylinder and ball hardened to min. 40 HRC, bright.Note:

By tightening the thrust screw (D2) the centre ball is pressed downwards and in turn forces the three locking balls outwards, where they locked in the receiver bush.
With this easy to use system machine set-up times are up to twelve times shorter than when conventional methods are used.

Special features:
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Are you looking for CAD data? These can be found directly in the product table.
 Datasheet K1474 Locating cylinder stainless steel Ball Lock 365 kB
 Technical information locating and clamping system 399 kB


Locating cylinder stainless steel Ball Lock

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Grid plate
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F kN
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Order No.
Repair Kit
K1474.13013131322M527,662,53,31,2K1474.913013 on request
K1474.13020201322M534,662,53,31,2K1474.913020 on request
K1474.16020201632M636,5835,34,5K1474.916020 on request
K1474.16025251632M641,5835,34,5K1474.916025 on request
K1474.20020202040M639,510313,35,3K1474.920020 on request
K1474.20025252040M644,410313,35,3K1474.920025 on request
K1474.25020202545M8441043011K1474.925020 on request
K1474.25025252545M8491043011K1474.925025 on request
K1474.30020203050M10491354418K1474.930020 on request
K1474.30025253050M10541354418K1474.930025 on request
K1474.35020203560M12511366833K1474.935020 on request
K1474.35025253560M12561366833K1474.935025 on request
K1474.35040403560M12711366833K1474.935040 on request
K1474.35050503560M12811366833K1474.935050 on request
K1474.50020205075M206420108865K1474.950020 on request
K1474.50025255075M206920108865K1474.950025 on request
K1474.50040405075M208420108865K1474.950040 on request
K1474.50050505075M209420108865K1474.950050 on request
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