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Wheels and rollers from KIPP
21.09.21 - Range expansion at KIPP
New wheels and rollers for industrial applications.more...
Indexing plungers with cam lever
30.08.21 - Secured with just one finger
Innovative indexing plungers with cam levers enable convenient, quick adjustment with minimum effort, thanks to the ergonomic design of the cam lever.more...
Indexing and clamping grip
12.08.21 - Combined functions in one product: Indexing and clamping grip
With the new indexing and clamping grip, users can position, secure and clamp diverse adjustment elements with just one product.more...
MCHP - Micro Combined Heat and Power
29.07.21 - For our environment!
MCHP - ever heard of one?more...
Rain water pond
24.06.21 - For our environment!
Relaxation for staff and wildlife at our own (rainwater) pondmore...
The new chain clamps from KIPP
07.06.21 - Securely fixate workpieces with irregular contours
The new chain clamps from KIPP enable secure clamping and fixating of workpieces - even those with complex shapes.more...
Transplanting trees
27.05.21 - For our environment!
Tree transplantation instead of chainsawmore...
Indexing plungers for Industry 4.0
18.05.21 - Indexing plungers for Industry 4.0
Optimum process reliability thanks to FEATUREgrip indexing plungers with integrated status sensor. They send the current actuated status wirelessly to a machine control or mobile terminal.more...
19.04.21 - The new KIPP OPERATING PARTS | STANDARD ELEMENTS 2021 catalogue
4,800 new items presented over 1,600 pages - The new OPERATING PARTS | STANDARD ELEMENTS catalogue is now available.more...
The new Clamping Technology catalogue from KIPP
19.04.21 - The new KIPP CLAMPING TECHNOLOGY 2021 catalogue
200 new items on 580 pages - that is the new CLAMPING TECHNOLOGY cataloguemore...
11.03.21 - Securely closed even with movements and vibrations
The new plastic snap locks from KIPP ensure reliable latching.more...
10.03.21 - Building responsibly

KIPP uses CO2-neutral "green steel" for its new logistics building. The new building is thus in a double sense a sustainable investment in the future.

19.02.21 - Ergonomic grip shape and high resilience
Bighand tubular handles from KIPP in diverse versions and colours.more...
18.02.21 - Robust thermoset operating parts
Very robust and heat resistant, also easy to clean due to high-gloss polished surfaces.more...
Reliably secured: Clamping lever with safety function
19.01.21 - Reliably secured
Clamping lever with safety functionmore...
EHEDG recertification of the Hygienic USIT® screw and seal system
31.08.20 - EHEDG recertification of the Hygienic USIT® screw and seal systems
As part of the recertification process, the cooperating partners, KIPP and Freudenberg Sealing Technologies have made improvements to the new type of Hygienic USIT® screw and seal system. This stainless steel solution in Hygienic DESIGN was specially developed for hygienic sensitive areas.more...
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All news as of 2018 can be found heremore...
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