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KIPP presents video tutorials (not only) for the coffee break -
Basics and insights in #kippresso-format

 2023_12_KIPP_PM_Kippresso_Videoserie 310 kB
 Images_2023_12_18 2,9 MB

Hygiene in focus –
New palm grips with closed grip contour from KIPP

 2023_11_KIPP_PM_Kreuzgriffe_Thermoplast 46,4 kB
 Images_2023_11_29 223 kB

New aluminium handwheels from KIPP
Ergonomic grip, safe processes

 2023_07_KIPP_PM_Handraeder_aus_Aluminium_EN 243 kB
 Images_2023_07_04 1,9 MB


A success story in French

 2023_06_KIPP_PM_20_years_KIPP_France_EN 586 kB
 Images_2023_06_10 768 kB

Positioning bushes with status sensor from KIPP
All positions under control

 2023_06_KIPP_PM_Positioning_bushes_with_status_sensor_EN 199 kB
 Images_2023_06_06 2,4 MB

Rapid positioning and locking
Indexing plungers with twist knob from KIPP

 2023_03_KIPP_PM_Indexin_plungers_twist_knob_EN 142 kB
 Images_2023_03_29 2,7 MB

Robust, light, ergonomic
New clamping levers with all-plastic grips from KIPP

 2022_10_KIPP_PM_clamping_levers_all_plastic_grip_EN 172 kB
 Images_2022_10_13 886 kB

KIPP at the AMB

Thrilling industry solutions in a class of its own

 2022_08_KIPP_PM_Ankuendigung_AMB_EN 456 kB
 Images_2022_08_12 7,3 MB

Flexible and universally applicable
New multi-clamping system with system width 50

 2022_06_KIPP_PM_Mehrfach_Spannsystem_Systembreite_50_EN 200 kB
 Images_2022_05_31 1,7 MB

Low maintenance and reliable
Wired indexing plungers with status sensor

 2022_04_KIPP_PM_Arretierbolzen_kabelgebunden_EN 394 kB
 Images_2022_04_28 6,3 MB

KIPPflexX series range expansion
A new 90 mm KIPPflexX 5-axis vice for smaller machine tables

 2022_03_KIPP_PM_KIPPflexX_90_EN 78,1 kB
 Images_2022_03_15 1,1 MB

Secure fixation and rapid clamping
Wide selection of different toggle clamps in the KIPP range

 2022_02_KIPP_PM_Schnellspanner_EN 288 kB
 Images_2022_02_01 9,2 MB

New indexing plunger for stringent hygiene requirements
No adherence of dirt particles thanks to Hygienic DESIGN

 2021_12_KIPP_PM_Arretierbolzen_Hygienic_EN 157 kB
 Images_2021_12_06 868 kB

Top marks for KIPP
New TÜV Service certification thanks to high customer satisfaction

 2021_12_KIPP_PM_TUEV_Service_Zertifizierung_EN.docx 91,8 kB
 Images_2021_12_16 14,2 MB

KIPP supports top-level sport
New platform for the combination of top-level sport and training

 2021_11_KIPP_PM_Partnerbetrieb_Spitzensport_EN 309 kB
 Images_2021_11_24 6,1 MB

Reduce setup times with clamping elements from KIPP
New pneumatic clamping elements for simple clamping and positioning tasks

 2021_11_KIPP_PM_Pneumatische_Spannelemente_EN 106 kB
 Images_2021_11_04 3,7 MB
For all areas where hygiene plays important role
New fastening system in Hygienic DESIGN
 2021_10_KIPP_PM_Hygienic_Design_Verschraubung_EN 166 kB
 Images_2021_10_11 2 MB
KIPP expands its range
New wheels and rollers for industrial applications
 2021_09_KIPP_PM_Raeder_Rollen_EN 66,7 kB
 Images_2021_09_23 1,2 MB
Fixated with just one finger
Innovative indexing plunger with cam lever from KIPP
 2021_08_KIPP_PM_Arretierbolzen_Exzenterhebel_EN 141 kB
 Images_2021_08_31 1,8 MB
Combined functions in one product
KIPP developes a new Indexing and clamping grip
 2021_08_KIPP_PM_Arretier_und_Spanngriff_EN 182 kB
 Images_2021_08_16 3,8 MB
New chain clamps from KIPP
Fixate complex shapes with uniform force distribution
 2021_06_KIPP_PM_Kettenspanner_EN 39,2 kB
 Images_2021_06_07 6,1 MB
Optimum process reliability thanks to FEATURE grip indexing plungers
Integrated status sensor transmits the current actuated status
 2021_05_KIPP_PM_FEATUREgrip_Arretierbolzen_EN 39,6 kB
 Images_2021_05_19 2 MB
Building responsibly
CO2-neutral green steel for our logistics expansion
 2021_03_KIPP_PM_Logistikerweiterung_Gruener-Stahl_EN 226 kB
 Images_2021_03_26 4,3 MB
Secure locking by simply pressing shut
KIPP expands its range with new snap locks
 2021_03_KIPP_PM_Schnappverschluesse_EN 36,5 kB
 Images_2021_03_08 898 kB
Thermoset operating parts
Heat resistant, robust and easy to clean
 2021_02_KIPP_PM_Bedienteile_aus_Duroplast_EN 36,8 kB
 Images_2021_02_19 1,7 MB
KIPP has expanded its range of clamping levers
New clamping levers with safety function prevent unintentional activation
 2021_01_KIPP_PM_Klemmhebel_Sicherheitsfunktion_EN 35,7 kB
 Images_2021_01_11 393 kB
Cooperation between KIPP and Freudenberg Sealing Technologies
EHEDG recertification of the Hygienic USIT® screw and seal system TP
 2020_09_KIPP_PM_NOVOnox_hygienic_EN 35,9 kB
 Images_2020_09_03 1,4 MB
New product in clamping technology
Mandrel collet with cam lever: fixed with drill holes
 2020_09_KIPP_PM_Spanndorne_mit_Exzenterhebel_EN 36,7 kB
 Images_2020_09_01 1,6 MB
Further development in clamping technology
KIPPflexX: flexible 5-axis clamping system with two functions
 2020_08_KIPP_PM_5-Achs-Spanner_KIPPFlexX_EN 36,2 kB
 Images_2020_09_02 2,4 MB
Ball lock pins, adjustable versions and products with head end lock
Adjustable versions and products with head end lock
New ball lock pins
 03_KIPP_PM_Kugelsperrbolzen_EN 33,7 kB
 Image_2019_11 1.013 kB

More room for the future:
HEINRICH KIPP WERK expands apprentice workshop

 19_09_KIPP_Vergroesserung_Lehrwerkstatt_2019_EN 241 kB
 Images_2019_09_2 7,7 MB
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