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Spherical washers, Form C DIN 6319, edition 10/01

Spherical washers, Form C DIN 6319, edition 10/01

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DescriptionMaterial:Mild steel or stainless steel.
Form G carbon steel tempered to HV 390 ±40.
Version:Steel version case hardened.
Stainless steel version bright, not hardened.
Note:Conical seat Form G should be used over slots.
DownloadHere is all the information as a PDF datasheet:

Are you looking for CAD data? These can be found directly in the product table.
 Datasheet K0729_C Spherical washers, Form C DIN 6319, edition 10/01 176 kB


Spherical washers, Form C DIN 6319, edition 10/01

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Order No.Main
screw Ø
Load rating
max. kN
(static load only)
K0729.105mild steelC5,2510,50,427,556,5 on request
K0729.106mild steelC6,4120,72,3969 on request
K0729.108mild steelC8,4170,63,212817 on request
K0729.110mild steelC10,5210,84151026 on request
K0729.112mild steelC13241,14,6171238 on request
K0729.114mild steelC15281,25221453 on request
K0729.116mild steelC17301,35,3221673 on request
K0729.120mild steelC213626,32720117 on request
K0729.124mild steelC25442,48,23224168 on request
K0729.130mild steelC31563,611,24130269 on request
K0729.136mild steelC37684,6145036394 on request
K0729.142mild steelC43786,5175842542 on request
K0729.148mild steelC50928216748714 on request
K0729.156mild steelC581039,5237956960 on request
K0729.164mild steelC66120122793641269 on request
K0729.0106stainless steelC6,4120,72,3966 on request
K0729.0108stainless steelC8,4170,63,212812 on request
K0729.0110stainless steelC10,5210,84151016 on request
K0729.0112stainless steelC13241,14,6171224 on request
K0729.0116stainless steelC17301,35,3221645 on request
K0729.0120stainless steelC213626,3272071 on request
K0729.0124stainless steelC25442,48,23224105 on request
K0729.0130stainless steelC31563,611,24130191 on request
K0729.0136stainless steelC37684,6145036- on request
K0729.0142stainless steelC43786,5175842- on request
K0729.0148stainless steelC50928216748- on request
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