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DescriptionMaterial:Steel 1.7225.
Stainless steel 1.4305.
Version:Standard version zinc galvanised and blue passivated.
Stainless steel version bright.
Note:These low version levelling sets with locknut are used to mount and align motors, aggregates, drive units and production lines. The advantage is the low height. Alignments can be made quickly and easily even with several levelling points. Distortion-free mounting is guaranteed. The locknut secures a prescribed adjustment.
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 Datasheet K0097 Levelling sets with locknut 287 kB


Levelling sets with locknut

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K0097.0404carbon steel4,5M4M15x125202454240 on request
K0097.0405carbon steel5,5M5M15x125202454240 on request
K0097.0406carbon steel6,6M6M15x125202454240 on request
K0097.0506carbon steel6,6M6M20x132242964265 on request
K0097.0508carbon steel9M8M20x132242964265 on request
K0097.0510carbon steel11M10M20x132242964265 on request
K0097.0710carbon steel11M10M30x1,5452936752120 on request
K0097.0712carbon steel13,5M12M30x1,5452936752120 on request
K0097.0716carbon steel17,5M16M30x1,5452936752120 on request
K0097.0916carbon steel17,5M16M40x1,5583746962,5210 on request
K0097.0920carbon steel22M20M40x1,5583746962,5210 on request
K0097.0924carbon steel26M24M40x1,5583746962,5210 on request
K0097.1020carbon steel22M20M50x1,57044541162,5330 on request
K0097.1024carbon steel26M24M50x1,57044541162,5330 on request
K0097.1030carbon steel33M30M50x1,57044541162,5330 on request
K0097.04041stainless steel4,5M4M15x125202454227,1 on request
K0097.04051stainless steel5,5M5M15x125202454227,1 on request
K0097.04061stainless steel6,6M6M15x125202454227,1 on request
K0097.05061stainless steel6,6M6M20x132242964243,4 on request
K0097.05081stainless steel9M8M20x132242964243,4 on request
K0097.05101stainless steel11M10M20x132242964243,4 on request
K0097.07101stainless steel11M10M30x1,545293675284 on request
K0097.07121stainless steel13,5M12M30x1,545293675284 on request
K0097.07161stainless steel17,5M16M30x1,545293675284 on request
K0097.09161stainless steel17,5M16M40x1,5583746962,5148 on request
K0097.09201stainless steel22M20M40x1,5583746962,5148 on request
K0097.09241stainless steel26M24M40x1,5583746962,5148 on request
K0097.10201stainless steel22M20M50x1,57044541162,5225 on request
K0097.10241stainless steel26M24M50x1,57044541162,5225 on request
K0097.10301stainless steel33M30M50x1,57044541162,5225 on request
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