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Shaft collars set screwDIN 705, steel

Shaft collars set screw DIN 705, steel

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DescriptionMaterial:Steel.Version:Bright.Note:Form A: with grub screw DIN 553 (recess)
Form E: with grub screw DIN 914 (hexagon socket)
Drawing reference:
1) Second grub screw from D1 ≥ 75
Special features:
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 Datasheet K0406 Shaft collars set screwDIN 705, steel 200 kB


Shaft collars set screwDIN 705, steel

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Order No.FormD1BD2D3
grub screw
K0406.100301A357M2x3 on request
K0406.100401A458M2,5x3 on request
K0406.100501A5610M3x4 on request
K0406.100601A6812M4x5 on request
K0406.100701A7812M4x5 on request
K0406.100801A8816M4x6 on request
K0406.100901A91018M5x8 on request
K0406.101001A101020M5x8 on request
K0406.101101A111020M5x8 on request
K0406.101201A121222M6x8 on request
K0406.101401A141225M6x8 on request
K0406.101501A151225M6x8 on request
K0406.101601A161228M6x8 on request
K0406.101801A181432M6x8 on request
K0406.102001A201432M6x8 on request
K0406.102401A241640M8x12 on request
K0406.102501A251640M8x10 on request
K0406.102601A261640M8x10 on request
K0406.102801A281645M8x12 on request
K0406.103001A301645M8x10 on request
K0406.103201A321650M8x12 on request
K0406.103501A351656M8x12 on request
K0406.103601A361656M8x12 on request
K0406.103801A381656M8x12 on request
K0406.104001A401863M10x16 on request
K0406.104201A421863M10x16 on request
K0406.104501A451870M10x16 on request
K0406.104801A481870M10x16 on request
K0406.105001A501880M10x16 on request
K0406.105201A521880M10x16 on request
K0406.105501A551880M10x16 on request
K0406.105601A561880M10x16 on request
K0406.105801A582090M10x16 on request
K0406.106001A602090M10x16 on request
K0406.106301A632090M10x16 on request
K0406.106501A6520100M10x20 on request
K0406.106801A6820100M10x20 on request
K0406.107001A7020100M10x20 on request
K0406.107201A7222110M10x20 on request
K0406.107501A7522110M12x20 on request
K0406.108001A8022110M12x20 on request
K0406.108501A8522125M12x25 on request
K0406.109001A9022125M12x20 on request
K0406.110001A10025140M12x25 on request
K0406.300301E357M2x3 on request
K0406.300401E458M2,5x3 on request
K0406.300501E5610M3x4 on request
K0406.300601E6812M4x5 on request
K0406.300701E7812M4x5 on request
K0406.300801E8816M4x6 on request
K0406.300901E91018M5x8 on request
K0406.301001E101020M5x8 on request
K0406.301101E111020M5x8 on request
K0406.301201E121222M6x8 on request
K0406.301401E141225M6x8 on request
K0406.301501E151225M6x8 on request
K0406.301601E161228M6x8 on request
K0406.301801E181432M6x8 on request
K0406.302001E201432M6x8 on request
K0406.302401E241640M8x12 on request
K0406.302501E251640M8x10 on request
K0406.302601E261640M8x10 on request
K0406.302801E281645M8x12 on request
K0406.303001E301645M8x10 on request
K0406.303201E321650M8x12 on request
K0406.303501E351656M8x12 on request
K0406.303601E361656M8x12 on request
K0406.303801E381656M8x12 on request
K0406.304001E401863M10x16 on request
K0406.304201E421863M10x16 on request
K0406.304501E451870M10x16 on request
K0406.304801E481870M10x16 on request
K0406.305001E501880M10x16 on request
K0406.305201E521880M10x16 on request
K0406.305501E551880M10x16 on request
K0406.305601E561880M10x16 on request
K0406.305801E582090M10x16 on request
K0406.306001E602090M10x16 on request
K0406.306301E632090M10x16 on request
K0406.306501E6520100M10x20 on request
K0406.306801E6820100M10x20 on request
K0406.307001E7020100M10x20 on request
K0406.307201E7222110M10x20 on request
K0406.307501E7522110M12x20 on request
K0406.308001E8022110M12x20 on request
K0406.308501E8522125M12x25 on request
K0406.309001E9022125M12x20 on request
K0406.310001E10025140M12x25 on request

Information about this article

KIPP shaft collars

Shaft collars are mainly used in drive technology in machine and plant construction. They act as versatile securing elements on shafts and axles to optimally hold moving parts in a certain lateral position. Application examples are e.g. mechanical stops or bearing seating faces. In drive technology they are also suitable for use as accessories for other components and are often found as components in engines and transmissions.

KIPP has various types of shaft collars available. In addition to steel shaft collars, there are also stainless steel shaft collars available in the online shop. Two different screw types are available, Form A has a screw with slot and Form E has screws with hexagon sockets. Shaft collars with wing grip and intermediate plates for holding shaft collars complete the KIPP product range.

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