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For decades, HEINRICH KIPP WERK has been considered the leading manufacturer of clamping levers. They are therefore also called Kipp levers. KIPP models stand for reliability, stability and versatility both nationally and internationally. Clamping levers are not only used in machine construction, they also find use in the rehabilitation sector or logistics.

What are clamping levers and how do they work?

Clamping levers are products used to clamp or fixate workpieces and other objects on e.g. machines. Of great advantage is the tool-free installation and quick adjustment possibilities.

How a clamping lever works is very simple: When the grip is pulled up, the internal toothing between the grip and the insert are separated, enabling the grip to be rotated freely without the insert turning with it. When the grip is released, the two toothed elements engage and the grip is reconnected to the insert. When the grip is rotated, the insert rotates with it. Machine parts, attachments and workpieces can now be clamped or released.

Properties and styles

The variety of clamping lever models that you will find in the KIPP range is just as diverse as the areas and applications for which they can be used. All types are available with female thread or male thread.

Standard clamping levers

In addition to many special designs that have been added to the range over time, KIPP still offers high quality standard clamping levers. They are available in different materials such as plastic, stainless steel, steel or zinc and different colours. Thanks to their high reliability and stability, they can be used in almost all areas. You will also find models for all application areas not covered by these in our online shop.

Clamping levers with clamping force intensifier

Clamping levers with integrated clamping force intensifier enable up to a 75% higher clamping force with the same tractive force compared to standard clamping levers. This is made possible by an integrated axial needle bearing. When tightening, it creates less surface friction and thus the clamping lever can be tightened and loosened more easily. These clamping levers are especially usful in the rehabilitation sector, as people with limited hand strength can operate them without any problems.

Antistatic clamping levers - ESD

KIPP has antistatic clamping levers in its product range. They belong to the product line ESD, which stands for electrostatic discharge. Clamping levers from this product line are used in areas where electrostatic discharges can cause electronic components to be damaged or destroyed. Thanks to special conductive plastic, ESD clamping levers prevent electrostatic discharges and thus damage to the relevant components. In our range you will find ESD clamping levers with female and male threads.

Antibacterial clamping levers - MEDIgrip

For hygienic reasons, it is important to use antibacterial operating parts in hospitals, care facilities or on rehabilitation equipment. Antibacterial clamping levers from KIPP belong to the MEDIgrip product range and ensure that bacteria and germs do not proliferate on their surface. On the contrary - thanks to a special plastic mixture with integrated silver particles, the antibacterial clamping levers reduce germs on their surface. They thus guarantee hygienic surfaces. The propagation and transmission of pathogens and other bacteria is thus prevented.

2K clamping levers – SYMPAtouch

In workplaces where clamping levers have to be operated frequently, it makes sense to use 2K clamping levers from KIPP. Thanks to the combination of thermoplastic elastomer and fibreglass-reinforced plastic, the SYMPAtouch clamping levers adapt ideally to the human hand. The ergonomic grip provides the user with a comfortable grip, even after several hours of work.

It's the material that matters

A range of materials must be used in order to adapt the clamping levers to as many application fields as possible. During extensive tests in the laboratory and in practice, HEINRICH KIPP WERK has identified the best possible materials.

Plastic clamping levers

Clamping levers with plastic grips are particularly distinguished by their light weight and the wide range of different colours. At KIPP you will find clamping levers in green, yellow, red and many other colours. Furthermore, they are not susceptible to corrosion and are resistant to chemicals. However, the clamping lever insert is not plastic but, depending on the model and design, is made from a variety of metals such as steel or stainless steel.

Die-cast zinc clamping levers

Due to the nature of the material, clamping levers made from die-cast zinc are suitable for robust applications. Thanks to the good temperature resistance, they can be used in areas where higher temperatures prevail. The inserts of these models are also made from metals such as steel or stainless steel.

Steel clamping levers

As with the die-cast zinc models, steel clamping levers are suitable for very robust applications due to the material used. High temperature resistance also characterises the steel Kipp levers. However, they are heavier than models made of plastic or die-cast zinc.

Stainless steel clamping levers

Stainless steel clamping levers differ from models made of other materials by their very good corrosion resistance and resistance to chemicals. They are therefore particularly suitable for outdoor applications, in the food industry or in areas where chemicals are used. In addition, they are lighter than comparable models made of steel or zinc.

Application areas

In principle, clamping levers can be used wherever something needs to be fixated and released quickly and easily. Different models and designs are available depending on the application. Possible application areas for KIPP clamping levers are:

- Machine and fixture construction
  • Clamping workpieces
  • Simple hieght adjustment of machine components
  • Positioning measuring equipment

- Rehab sector
  • Adjusting footrests on wheelchairs
  • Adjusting the handle height on rollators

- Outdoor branches
  • Underwater camera tripods

Order clamping levers from HEINRICH KIPP WERK online

In the KIPP online shop you will find a wide selection of different clamping levers: adjustable, with female thread, with male thread, plastic models, stainless steel models and many other varients. Buy high quality and durable products from the clamping lever pioneer. Trust in our experts' years of experience. If you cannot find the appropriate clamping lever in our comprehensive range, please contact us! Together with you, we will be happy to develop an individual special solution that is precisely tailored to your machine or equipment.
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