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The “actima” clamping element for variable pull and thrust clamping

"Actima" clamping devices with through hole

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DescriptionMaterial, version:Steel black oxidised.
Housing black thermoplastic.
Ball knob red thermoset PF 31.
Note:The travel path is 10 mm. Self-locking occurs in any position within only 2 mm of clamp travel, so workpieces with tolerances of up to 1.5 mm can be safely clamped. The Actima clamping device can be mounted in any horizontal or vertical position.
Standard parts enable further applications and are available as optional accessories.
All parts of the cam system subject to heavy loads are case-hardened (thrust sleeve and accessories only if specified).
The maximum permissible clamping force is approximately 4905 N.
Special features:
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 Datasheet K0020_B "Actima" clamping devices with through hole 180 kB


"Actima" clamping devices with through hole

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K0020.30right-hand / thrust on request
K0020.35right-hand / pull on request
K0020.40left-hand / thrust on request
K0020.45left-hand / pull on request
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