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DescriptionMaterial:Steel.Version:Sleeve blue electro zinc-plated.
Spring pins black oxidised.
Note:The tapped hole in both ends of the spring pin allow various inserts to be attached e.g. prisms, thrust pins, self-aligning pads, knobs, grips etc.Assembly:LOCTITE threadlocker K0655.243.... is recommended for gluing the threaded sleeve in position.Special features:
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 Datasheet K0373 Spring plungers push-pull 287 kB


Spring plungers push-pull

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Spring force
initial pressure
F1 approx. N
Spring force
final pressure
F2 approx. N
K0373.1202004M1267M4x83,5114,551610520 on request
K0373.1202006M1267M4x8618,5751610520 on request
K0373.1202010M1267M4x810261151610520 on request
K0373.1206003M1267M4x83114,5516101240 on request
K0373.1206005M1267M4x8518,57516101240 on request
K0373.1206008M1267M4x882611516101240 on request
K0373.1212503M1267M4x83114,55161020100 on request
K0373.1212505M1267M4x8518,575161020100 on request
K0373.1212508M1267M4x8826115161020100 on request
K0373.1815004M18x1,51011M6x12417662,591650150 on request
K0373.1815007M18x1,51011M6x12729,511,562,591650150 on request
K0373.1815013M18x1,51011M6x1212,545,51662,591650150 on request
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