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KIPP handwheels are designed for manual shaft rotation. They are used as a control element primarily in mechanical engineering and plant construction in order to make adjustments or settings by means of hand rotation movements. They are attached to fittings, machine tools and drive motors, for example to open and close valves. By using the handwheel, even individual machine parts can be moved in emergency operation.
Handwheel for manually turning a shaft

Handwheels - Operating principle

To ensure that the rotation movements of the hand perfectly transfer to the machine parts being adjusted or positioned, the handwheels from KIPP are connected to the shaft by means of a parallel key / slot connection or, alternatively, by means of a clamp. A handwheel can also be fitted with a crank to make it easier to operate.
Disc handwheels with revolving grip

Handwheels - versions

The KIPP product range includes many different versions. From the spoked handwheel made of aluminium and the spoked handwheel made from plastic to the grey cast iron handwheel compliant with DIN 950. Versions made from thermoset and thermoplastic are also available. The NOVOgrip KIPP design line also provides an extremely ergonomic handwheel.
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