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Thrust screwsLONG-LOK secured

Thrust screws LONG-LOK secured

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DescriptionMaterial:Screw grade 10.9.
Pin brass or POM.
LONG-LOK thread lock nylon.
Version:Screw black oxidised.Note:Thrust screws are ideal for clamping or exerting pressure on threaded spindles, axles, shafts and treated surfaces without marring.Drawing reference:
L2 = approx. 2x thread pitch
Special features:
DownloadHere is all the information as a PDF datasheet:

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 Datasheet K0668 Thrust screwsLONG-LOK secured 143 kB


Thrust screwsLONG-LOK secured

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Order No.Component
DD1L (L1)SWCADAcc.PriceOrder
K0668.204X65brassM42,56,5 (2,5)2 on request
K0668.204X105brassM42,510,5 (3,5)2 on request
K0668.204X165brassM42,516,5 (5)2 on request
K0668.204X305brassM42,530,5 (5)2 on request
K0668.204X405brassM42,540,5 (5)2 on request
K0668.205X85brassM538,5 (3,5)2,5 on request
K0668.205X125brassM5312,5 (5)2,5 on request
K0668.205X205brassM5320,5 (6)2,5 on request
K0668.205X305brassM5330,5 (6)2,5 on request
K0668.205X405brassM5340,5 (6)2,5 on request
K0668.206X115brassM6411,5 (3,5)3 on request
K0668.206X175brassM6417,5 (7)3 on request
K0668.206X265brassM6426,5 (7)3 on request
K0668.206X415brassM6441,5 (7)3 on request
K0668.206X515brassM6451,5 (7)3 on request
K0668.206X615brassM6461,5 (7)3 on request
K0668.208X12brassM85,512 (3,5)4 on request
K0668.208X22brassM85,522 (8)4 on request
K0668.208X32brassM85,532 (8)4 on request
K0668.208X52brassM85,552 (8)4 on request
K0668.208X62brassM85,562 (8)4 on request
K0668.208X82brassM85,582 (8)4 on request
K0668.210X14brassM10714 (5)5 on request
K0668.210X18brassM10718 (9)5 on request
K0668.210X27brassM10727 (9)5 on request
K0668.210X37brassM10737 (9)5 on request
K0668.210X52brassM10752 (9)5 on request
K0668.210X62brassM10762 (9)5 on request
K0668.210X82brassM10782 (9)5 on request
K0668.212X185brassM128,518,5 (8)6 on request
K0668.212X225brassM128,522,5 (10)6 on request
K0668.212X325brassM128,532,5 (10)6 on request
K0668.212X425brassM128,542,5 (10)6 on request
K0668.212X525brassM128,552,5 (10)6 on request
K0668.212X625brassM128,562,5 (10)6 on request
K0668.212X825brassM128,582,5 (10)6 on request
K0668.304X7PolyacetalM427 (2,5)2 on request
K0668.304X9PolyacetalM429 (3,5)2 on request
K0668.304X11PolyacetalM4211 (3,5)2 on request
K0668.304X13PolyacetalM4213 (5)2 on request
K0668.304X17PolyacetalM4217 (5)2 on request
K0668.304X31PolyacetalM4231 (5)2 on request
K0668.304X41PolyacetalM4241 (5)2 on request
K0668.305X9PolyacetalM539 (3,5)2,5 on request
K0668.305X11PolyacetalM5311 (3,5)2,5 on request
K0668.305X13PolyacetalM5313 (5)2,5 on request
K0668.305X17PolyacetalM5317 (6)2,5 on request
K0668.305X21PolyacetalM5321 (6)2,5 on request
K0668.305X31PolyacetalM5331 (6)2,5 on request
K0668.305X41PolyacetalM5341 (6)2,5 on request
K0668.306X113PolyacetalM63,511,3 (3,5)3 on request
K0668.306X133PolyacetalM63,513,3 (5)3 on request
K0668.306X173PolyacetalM63,517,3 (7)3 on request
K0668.306X213PolyacetalM63,521,3 (7)3 on request
K0668.306X263PolyacetalM63,526,3 (7)3 on request
K0668.306X413PolyacetalM63,541,3 (7)3 on request
K0668.306X513PolyacetalM63,551,3 (7)3 on request
K0668.306X613PolyacetalM63,561,3 (7)3 on request
K0668.308X136PolyacetalM8513,6 (5)4 on request
K0668.308X176PolyacetalM8517,6 (8)4 on request
K0668.308X216PolyacetalM8521,6 (8)4 on request
K0668.308X266PolyacetalM8526,6 (8)4 on request
K0668.308X336PolyacetalM8533,6 (8)4 on request
K0668.308X516PolyacetalM8551,6 (8)4 on request
K0668.308X616PolyacetalM8561,6 (8)4 on request
K0668.308X816PolyacetalM8581,6 (8)4 on request
K0668.310X179PolyacetalM106,517,9 (9)5 on request
K0668.310X219PolyacetalM106,521,9 (9)5 on request
K0668.310X269PolyacetalM106,526,9 (9)5 on request
K0668.310X339PolyacetalM106,533,9 (9)5 on request
K0668.310X419PolyacetalM106,541,9 (9)5 on request
K0668.310X519PolyacetalM106,551,9 (9)5 on request
K0668.310X619PolyacetalM106,561,9 (9)5 on request
K0668.310X819PolyacetalM106,581,9 (9)5 on request
K0668.312X221PolyacetalM12822,1 (10)6 on request
K0668.312X271PolyacetalM12827,1 (10)6 on request
K0668.312X341PolyacetalM12834,1 (10)6 on request
K0668.312X421PolyacetalM12842,1 (10)6 on request
K0668.312X521PolyacetalM12852,1 (10)6 on request
K0668.312X621PolyacetalM12862,1 (10)6 on request
K0668.312X821PolyacetalM12882,1 (10)6 on request
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