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Hinge pins steel or stainless steel

Hinge pins steel or stainless steel

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DescriptionMaterial:Steel or stainless steel.Version:Steel version:
tempered to 1000 - 1200 N/mm², black oxidised.
Stainless steel version:
tempered to 900 - 1050 N/mm², bright.
Note for ordering:2 matching DIN 471 circlips are supplied.Note:For use with:
Cam levers K0008 and K0009.
Eye bolts K0396 and K1418.
Clevis K0397.
Advantages:Ground OD.
High dimensional accuracy.
Suitable for use as spare part.
Matching circlips included.
DownloadHere is all the information as a PDF datasheet:

Are you looking for CAD data? These can be found directly in the product table.
 Datasheet K0007 Hinge pins steel or stainless steel 156 kB


Hinge pins steel or stainless steel

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K0007.05steel518130,710,7 on request
K0007.06steel622170,812,2 on request
K0007.081steel820160,915,2 on request
K0007.082steel827210,915,2 on request
K0007.08steel830250,915,2 on request
K0007.101steel1025201,117,6 on request
K0007.102steel1035291,117,6 on request
K0007.10steel1037321,117,6 on request
K0007.121steel1231251,119,6 on request
K0007.122steel1237311,119,6 on request
K0007.12steel1246401,119,6 on request
K0007.14steel1444371,122 on request
K0007.16steel1648411,124,4 on request
K0007.18steel1858511,326,8 on request
K0007.105stainless steel518130,710,7 on request
K0007.106stainless steel622170,812,2 on request
K0007.108stainless steel820160,915,2 on request
K0007.1081stainless steel827210,915,2 on request
K0007.1082stainless steel830250,915,2 on request
K0007.110stainless steel1025201,117,6 on request
K0007.1101stainless steel1035291,117,6 on request
K0007.1102stainless steel1037321,117,6 on request
K0007.112stainless steel1231251,119,6 on request
K0007.1121stainless steel1237311,119,6 on request
K0007.1122stainless steel1246401,119,6 on request
K0007.114stainless steel1444371,122 on request
K0007.116stainless steel1648411,124,4 on request
K0007.118stainless steel1858511,326,8 on request
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