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Clamp strap, adjustable, Form B

Clamp strap, adjustable, Form B

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DescriptionMaterial:Steel.Version:Tempered and galvanized.
Complete with DIN 787 screw for T-slots, DIN 6340 washer and DIN 6330B nut.
Note:These clamp strap assemblies can be quickly and infinitely adapted to the clamping situation. The clamp straps have different heel types both sides enabling the best end to be selected depending on the specific application. These extremely versatile clamp straps are suitable for use by metal cutting or non-cutting machining and also for press and injection-moulding applications.Accessory:K1204 Adjustable heel supports
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Are you looking for CAD data? These can be found directly in the product table.
 Datasheet K1165_B Clamp strap, adjustable, Form B 289 kB


Clamp strap, adjustable, Form B

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Order No.FormType BB1D

clamping range
slot size
K1165.210115100Bwith T-slot nut443013110-4018271712115253010M10X10025 on request
K1165.212115125Bwith T-slot nut443013110-5518271712115253012M12X12530 on request
K1165.214115125Bwith T-slot nut443013110-5518271712115253014M12X12530 on request
K1165.212150160Bwith T-slot nut554117120-7020362117150353612M12X16035 on request
K1165.214150160Bwith T-slot nut554117120-7020362117150353614M12X16035 on request
K1165.216150160Bwith T-slot nut554117120-7020362117150353616M16X16040 on request
K1165.218150160Bwith T-slot nut554117120-7020362117150353618M16X16040 on request
K1165.216187200Bwith T-slot nut623021140-8030422720187444416M16X20055 on request
K1165.218187200Bwith T-slot nut623021140-8030422720187444418M16X20055 on request
K1165.220187200Bwith T-slot nut623021140-8030422720187444420M20X20060 on request
K1165.222187200Bwith T-slot nut623021140-8030422720187444422M20X20060 on request
K1165.220235250Bwith T-slot nut703025170-10031513424235604720M20X25070 on request
K1165.222235250Bwith T-slot nut703025170-10031513424235604722M20X25070 on request
K1165.224235250Bwith T-slot nut703025170-10031513424235604724M24X25075 on request
K1165.228235250Bwith T-slot nut703025170-10031513424235604728M24X25075 on request
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