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Tube connectors, profile connectors

Tube connectors, profile connectors

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Tube connectors are components for the assembly of profiles and systems. They are ideal for protective equipment, enclosures, housing and racks of all kinds in mechanical engineering.

New tube connection elements and profile connectors

Cable tie block

The cable tie block from KIPP is ideal for securing hoses and cables. With the aid of a cap or pan head screw combined with a slot key, the cable tie block can be installed on both panels and aluminium profiles. Cable ties are used to hold the cables and hoses in place.

Cable clip

KIPP cable clips can be used for cables and hoses with a diameter of up to 12 mm. These are installed in the same way as the cable tie block (cap or pan head screw + slot key). The cables are held in place by the stretched O-ring.
The cable clip with T-slot key is installed by inserting the T-slot key into a T-slot and twisting through 90°.

Sensor holder

With the new KIPP sensor holder, sensors and limit switches can be easily and securely fastened to aluminium profiles or panels. The associated fastening piece provides a positive rotation lock and can be adjusted in 15° increments. With no fastening piece, the sensor holder can be infinitely angularly adjusted.

Earthing terminal type I

The new KIPP earthing terminal type I is suitable for connecting aluminium profiles and earthing aluminium profile constructions. Conductive contact is established through defined destruction of the oxide layer in the slot base flanks.

Potential equaliser type I

The potential equaliser type I is used to establish an electrostatic discharge (ESD) line to ensure protection for personnel and equipment. It is swivelled into the slot and screwed against the profiles at a 45° angle. A conductive connection develops as soon as the oxide layer is breached.
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