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Ball-end thrust screws without headwith flattened ball LONG-LOK secured

Ball-end thrust screws without head with flattened ball LONG-LOK...

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DescriptionMaterial:Screw carbon steel, grade 10.9
Ball, ball-bearing steel.
LONG-LOK thread lock nylon.
Version:Screw black.
Ball hardened, bright.
Note:Surfaces which are not flat and parallel can be firmly clamped or supported with a flattened ball, the movable ball can adapt itself up to 9°.Drawing reference:
Form B: with flattened ball

L4 = approx. 2x pitch
Special features:
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Are you looking for CAD data? These can be found directly in the product table.
 Datasheet K0666 Ball-end thrust screws without headwith flattened ball LONG-LOK secured 164 kB


Ball-end thrust screws without headwith flattened ball LONG-LOK secured

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Order No.FormComponent
D1D3L2L3Ball-ØSWLoad rating
max. kN (static
load only)
K0666.20610BBall-bearing steelM6310,13,5439 on request
K0666.20616BBall-bearing steelM6316,17439 on request
K0666.20620BBall-bearing steelM6320,17439 on request
K0666.20625BBall-bearing steelM6325,17439 on request
K0666.20650BBall-bearing steelM6350,17439 on request
K0666.20660BBall-bearing steelM6360,17439 on request
K0666.20810BBall-bearing steelM84,110,33,55,5410 on request
K0666.20812BBall-bearing steelM84,112,355,5410 on request
K0666.20820BBall-bearing steelM84,120,385,5415 on request
K0666.20825BBall-bearing steelM84,125,385,5415 on request
K0666.20830BBall-bearing steelM84,130,385,5415 on request
K0666.20850BBall-bearing steelM84,150,385,5415 on request
K0666.20860BBall-bearing steelM84,160,385,5415 on request
K0666.20880BBall-bearing steelM84,180,385,5415 on request
K0666.21012BBall-bearing steelM105,612,357520 on request
K0666.21016BBall-bearing steelM105,616,397520 on request
K0666.21020BBall-bearing steelM105,620,397520 on request
K0666.21025BBall-bearing steelM105,625,397520 on request
K0666.21035BBall-bearing steelM105,635,397520 on request
K0666.21216BBall-bearing steelM12716,288,5630 on request
K0666.21220BBall-bearing steelM12720,2108,5630 on request
K0666.21230BBall-bearing steelM12730,2108,5630 on request
K0666.21240BBall-bearing steelM12740,2108,5630 on request
K0666.21620BBall-bearing steelM1610,7201012860 on request
K0666.21625BBall-bearing steelM1610,7251412860 on request
K0666.21635BBall-bearing steelM1610,7351412860 on request
K0666.21650BBall-bearing steelM1610,7501412860 on request
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