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DescriptionMaterial:Steel.Version:Powder-coated black RAL 9005, red RAL 3000 or trivalent blue passivated.Note:Especially suitable for stop valves. The handwheels are made from a single piece. The handwheel is strengthened in the hub area using a special forming process. The tapered hub allows easy mounting and ensures secure seating on the square bar.Drawing reference:
1) Square on shaft
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 Datasheet K1661 Hand wheels, steel, stamped 199 kB


Hand wheels, steel, stamped

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Surface finish

L1L3VV1V2Number of
K1661.050060jet black RAL 9005-508,51265,96,153 on request
K1661.050070jet black RAL 9005-508,51276,97,153 on request
K1661.060060jet black RAL 9005-608,51265,96,153 on request
K1661.060070jet black RAL 9005-608,51276,97,153 on request
K1661.070070jet black RAL 9005-69101576,97,153 on request
K1661.070080jet black RAL 9005-69101587,98,153 on request
K1661.080080jet black RAL 9005-78111687,98,153 on request
K1661.080090jet black RAL 9005-78111698,99,153 on request
K1661.090090jet black RAL 9005-89111698,99,153 on request
K1661.100090jet black RAL 9005-98132098,99,153 on request
K1661.100100jet black RAL 9005-981320109,910,153 on request
K1661.110100jet black RAL 9005-1081523109,910,153 on request
K1661.130120jet black RAL 9005-13015231211,912,153 on request
K1661.050061red RAL 3000-508,51265,96,153 on request
K1661.050071red RAL 3000-508,51276,97,153 on request
K1661.060061red RAL 3000-608,51265,96,153 on request
K1661.060071red RAL 3000-608,51276,97,153 on request
K1661.070071red RAL 3000-69101576,97,153 on request
K1661.070081red RAL 3000-69101587,98,153 on request
K1661.080081red RAL 3000-78111687,98,153 on request
K1661.080091red RAL 3000-78111698,99,153 on request
K1661.090091red RAL 3000-89111698,99,153 on request
K1661.100091red RAL 3000-98132098,99,153 on request
K1661.100101red RAL 3000-981320109,910,153 on request
K1661.110101red RAL 3000-1081523109,910,153 on request
K1661.130121red RAL 3000-13015231211,912,153 on request
K1661.050062-passivated508,51265,96,153 on request
K1661.050072-passivated508,51276,97,153 on request
K1661.060062-passivated608,51265,96,153 on request
K1661.060072-passivated608,51276,97,153 on request
K1661.070072-passivated69101576,97,153 on request
K1661.070082-passivated69101587,98,153 on request
K1661.080082-passivated78111687,98,153 on request
K1661.080092-passivated78111698,99,153 on request
K1661.090092-passivated89111698,99,153 on request
K1661.100092-passivated98132098,99,153 on request
K1661.100102-passivated981320109,910,153 on request
K1661.110102-passivated1081523109,910,153 on request
K1661.130122-passivated13015231211,912,153 on request
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