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Standard parts

KIPP offers a wide selection of diverse DIN parts and standard parts, from star grips to toggle locators and handwheels. Many of these elements are used in mechanical engineering and fixture construction. All KIPP standard parts are characterised by precise, high-quality machining and are available in various standards, formats, materials, alloys and coatings.

Application areas for standard elements

Standard elements are used for operating, gripping, adjusting and clamping for fixtures and machines, for example. Thanks to their format, which corresponds precisely to the prescribed standard specifications in all regards, standard parts always fulfil their purpose. This means that support elements, positioning units and stop elements such as the KIPP toggle locators, ball-end thrust screws and locating pins provide reliable support for workpieces. Machine elements or jig components such as KIPP pin bolts, clamp force intensifiers or shaft collars are used for advanced clamping tasks.

Function and properties

Depending on the standard element and design, they can be used for clamping, holding or fixing components. The key feature of standard parts is that they are interchangeable. They can be accurately identified and allocated using the clearly defined standard numbers.
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