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Among the large number of different operating parts that HEINRICH KIPP WERK carries in its range are indexing plungers. KIPP offers more than 1300 different high-quality versions of these.

What are indexing plungers and how do they work?

Indexing plungers facilitate fast and easy adjustment of moving components. Thanks to the wide range of different models, they can be used in every conceivable area. When indexing plunger grip is pulled, the pin retracts and the object can be adjusted. When the user releases the grip, the pin extends again and the movable part is locked. Indexing plungers thus prevent a change in the indexed position through lateral forces. Athough there are many different types of indexing plunger, they all have much the same operating principle.

Different types of indexing plunger

Standard indexing plunger

These types are indexing plungers that are operated in the classic way: The pin is retracted by pulling on the grip of the plunger. The pin extends again when the grip is released. Various versions of standard indexing plungers are available. One of these is the lock-out type of indexing plunger. The special feature here is the locking option when the pin is retracted. When the user pulls and twists the grip, the pin remains retracted. This means a user has both hands free with open or closed covers and hatches, where previously one hand was needed to hold the indexing plunger open.

Indexing plunger with lock

These indexing plungers differ fundamentally from the classic types. To lock it, the button in the head is pressed. This causes the pin to extend and engage. Secure locking is indicated by a protruding red button on the side. When the user presses this button, the pin unlocks. It now retracts and thus releases the lock.

Indexing plungers with cam lever

By versions with a cam lever, the lever replaces the knob of the indexing plunger. Thanks to cam levers, these models can be opened easily and quickly with just one finger. When the lever has been moved beyond the dead centre, the indexing pin remains retracted by itself without having to be fixated again. Compared to lock-out type indexing plungers, there is an enormous time saving when using several plungers on one object.

Indexing plunger with remote actuation

Indexing plunger with remote actuation are designed for applications where the user has to operate the indexing plunger remotely for safety reasons or due to lack of space. A Bowden cable, which transmits the movement is located between the actual plunger body and the indexing pin. Indexing plungers with Bowden cable are available in different lengths so that they can be best adapted to the required distance.

Indexing plungers, pneumatic

Pneumatic indexing plungers differ from other models in the way they are actuated. They are operated by compressed air, not by hand. This enables integration into automated production processes. The pin is extends when air pressure is applied to the system. When the air supply is interrupted, the pin is retracted by a spring.

Indexing plunger with integrated status sensor

Industry 4.0 is omnipresent nowadays and it is impossible to imagine modern production without it. Thanks to intelligent indexing plungers with integrated status sensor, positioning applications can now also be integrated into the production process. The built-in sensor sends the current actuated status to a Gateway, incorporating it into the production control system. This minimises errors, as a process only starts e.g. when all indexing plungers have the correctly status.

Premium or classic - it depends on the application!

In the KIPP range you will find classic and Premium indexing plungers. The difference is not in the quality, but in the precision of the individual products. To find out which type of indexing plunger is right for you, you need to consider the subsequent application. Is it for adjusting the height of a grip on a unit? Or does every millimetre count, as in the adjustment of components in machine construction?

For simpler applications, the high-quality classic versions are quite sufficient. Selected materials improve the durability of the products and guarantee years of use. However, where precise repeatability as well as fine adjustment is required, KIPP's Premium indexing plungers are ideally suited for these applications. They are manufactured to the highest accuracy and, in combination with matching bushes, enable precise positioning operations.

Materials – Steel, stainless steel or plastic?

It is also important to consider the future application when choosing the material. Each material has its advantages and disadvantages.

Almost all indexing plungers have a plastic grip or knob. It should be noted that these may only be exposed to certain temperature ranges. However, if the indexing plunger is to be used in areas with higher or lower temperatures, models with a stainless steel grip must be used.

Sleeve and pin are available in steel and stainless steel, making them suitable for different applications. Steel models are particularly stable and can be used for demanding applications. If outdoor use is intended however, stainless steel plungers should be used. They have very good corrosion resistance and a long service life even in damp or wet areas.

KIPP indexing plungers are very versatile

Thanks to different materials and designs, indexing plungers from KIPP can be used in almost all areas and for all applications. Some examples are:

  • Machine construction: Positioning on guide rails
  • Fixture construction: Assembly fixtures
  • Foodstuff industry: Filling lines, packaging lines
  • Vehicle technology: Indexing on runners, latching
  • Rehab sector: Wheelchairs
  • Agriculture: Adjusting the depth of ploughshares

Suitable indexing plungers in the KIPP online shop

You can find the appropriate indexing plunger for your application in the KIPP online shop. Select your quality product from a wide range and order it conveniently online. Thanks to our extensive warehouse, we have many items in stock and can keep delivery times as short as possible. If you still can't find a suitable indexing plunger, then contact us. On request, we can also work with you to develop individual special solutions that are precisely tailored to your application.
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