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Ball-end thrust screws without head stainless steel with full ball

Ball-end thrust screws without head stainless steel with full...

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Screw stainless steel.
Ball stainless steel, POM or ceramic Si3N4.

Version:Stainless steel bright.Note:

Ball-end thrust screws with full ball are used when a clean, polished contact surface is required. Longer versions have been designed especially to be glued in, allowing mechanical connecting elements with external threads to be made cost-effectively for small and medium-sized runs. Silicon nitride (Si3N4) is characterised by a combination of excellent properties, these include high resilience and strength, excellent wear resistance and good chemical resistance.

Drawing reference:
Form A: stainless steel ball
Form D: POM ball
Form E: ceramic ball
Special features:
DownloadHere is all the information as a PDF datasheet:

Are you looking for CAD data? These can be found directly in the product table.
 Datasheet K0384 Ball-end thrust screws without head stainless steel with full ball 227 kB


Ball-end thrust screws without head stainless steel with full ball

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Order No.FormD1L1Ball-ØSWLoad rating
max. kN (static
load only)
K0384.10410AM4102,52- on request
K0384.10412AM4122,52- on request
K0384.10416AM4162,52- on request
K0384.1046AM462,52- on request
K0384.1048AM482,52- on request
K0384.10510AM51032,5- on request
K0384.10512AM51232,5- on request
K0384.10516AM51632,5- on request
K0384.10520AM52032,5- on request
K0384.10525AM52532,5- on request
K0384.1058AM5832,5- on request
K0384.10610AM610,843- on request
K0384.10612AM612,843- on request
K0384.10616AM616,843- on request
K0384.10620AM620,843- on request
K0384.10625AM625,843- on request
K0384.10650AM650,843- on request
K0384.10660AM660,843- on request
K0384.10680AM680,843- on request
K0384.10810AM811,25,54- on request
K0384.10812AM813,25,54- on request
K0384.10816AM817,25,54- on request
K0384.10820AM821,25,54- on request
K0384.10825AM826,25,54- on request
K0384.10830AM831,25,54- on request
K0384.10850AM851,25,54- on request
K0384.10860AM861,25,54- on request
K0384.10880AM881,25,54- on request
K0384.11012AM1013,775- on request
K0384.11016AM1017,775- on request
K0384.11020AM1021,775- on request
K0384.11025AM1026,775- on request
K0384.11035AM1036,775- on request
K0384.11216AM12188,56- on request
K0384.11220AM12228,56- on request
K0384.11225AM12278,56- on request
K0384.11230AM12328,56- on request
K0384.11232AM12348,56- on request
K0384.11240AM12428,56- on request
K0384.11620AM1623,3128- on request
K0384.11625AM1628,3128- on request
K0384.11635AM1638,3128- on request
K0384.11650AM1653,3128- on request
K0384.30410DM4102,520,3 on request
K0384.30412DM4122,520,3 on request
K0384.30416DM4162,520,3 on request
K0384.3046DM462,520,3 on request
K0384.3048DM482,520,3 on request
K0384.30510DM51032,50,5 on request
K0384.30512DM51232,50,5 on request
K0384.30516DM51632,50,5 on request
K0384.30520DM52032,50,5 on request
K0384.30525DM52532,50,5 on request
K0384.3058DM5832,50,5 on request
K0384.30610DM610,8430,9 on request
K0384.30612DM612,8430,9 on request
K0384.30616DM616,8430,9 on request
K0384.30620DM620,8430,9 on request
K0384.30625DM625,8430,9 on request
K0384.30810DM811,25,541,5 on request
K0384.30812DM813,25,541,5 on request
K0384.30816DM817,25,541,5 on request
K0384.30820DM821,25,541,5 on request
K0384.30825DM826,25,541,5 on request
K0384.30830DM831,25,541,5 on request
K0384.80512EM51232,54,5 on request
K0384.80520EM52032,54,5 on request
K0384.8058EM5832,54,5 on request
K0384.80610EM610,8439 on request
K0384.80616EM616,8439 on request
K0384.80620EM620,8439 on request
K0384.80625EM625,8439 on request
K0384.80810EM811,25,5410 on request
K0384.80812EM813,25,5410 on request
K0384.80820EM821,25,5415 on request
K0384.80825EM826,25,5415 on request
K0384.80830EM831,25,5415 on request
K0384.81012EM1013,77520 on request
K0384.81016EM1017,77520 on request
K0384.81020EM1021,77520 on request
K0384.81025EM1026,77520 on request
K0384.81035EM1036,77520 on request
K0384.81216EM12188,5630 on request
K0384.81220EM12228,5630 on request
K0384.81230EM12328,5630 on request
K0384.81240EM12428,5630 on request
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