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Tubular handles “Bighand”

Tubular handles “Bighand”

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DescriptionMaterial:Legs thermoplastic.
Oval grip aluminium.
Version:Legs black grey.
Oval grip coated or anodised.
Note:The leg caps are supplied loose.
Supplied with:
For fastening versions 1+2 (DIN 912 cap screw) one set of M10 screws.
For fastening version 3 (DIN 571 hex head wood screw) one set of M5 screws with dowels, one drilling template and the mounting instructions.

Δ Add the desired colour code here. No colour code is required for black grey grips.
On request:Special lengths “A”.Special features:
DownloadHere is all the information as a PDF datasheet:

Are you looking for CAD data? These can be found directly in the product table.
 Datasheet K0231 Tubular handles “Bighand” 264 kB


Tubular handles “Bighand”

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Order No.Version

K0231.1180version 1+2black grey RAL 702118032M10x45752301000 on request
K0231.118001version 1+2black18032M10x45752301000 on request
K0231.118003version 1+2natural18032M10x45752301000 on request
K0231.118027version 1+2ruby red RAL 300318032M10x45752301000 on request
K0231.118070version 1+2raspberry red RAL 302718032M10x45752301000 on request
K0231.118073version 1+2ocean blue RAL 502018032M10x45752301000 on request
K0231.1200version 1+2black grey RAL 702120032M10x45752501000 on request
K0231.120001version 1+2black20032M10x45752501000 on request
K0231.120003version 1+2natural20032M10x45752501000 on request
K0231.120027version 1+2ruby red RAL 300320032M10x45752501000 on request
K0231.120070version 1+2raspberry red RAL 302720032M10x45752501000 on request
K0231.120073version 1+2ocean blue RAL 502020032M10x45752501000 on request
K0231.1250version 1+2black grey RAL 702125032M10x45753001000 on request
K0231.125001version 1+2black25032M10x45753001000 on request
K0231.125003version 1+2natural25032M10x45753001000 on request
K0231.125027version 1+2ruby red RAL 300325032M10x45753001000 on request
K0231.125070version 1+2raspberry red RAL 302725032M10x45753001000 on request
K0231.125073version 1+2ocean blue RAL 502025032M10x45753001000 on request
K0231.1300version 1+2black grey RAL 702130032M10x45753501000 on request
K0231.130001version 1+2black30032M10x45753501000 on request
K0231.130003version 1+2natural30032M10x45753501000 on request
K0231.130027version 1+2ruby red RAL 300330032M10x45753501000 on request
K0231.130070version 1+2raspberry red RAL 302730032M10x45753501000 on request
K0231.130073version 1+2ocean blue RAL 502030032M10x45753501000 on request
K0231.1350version 1+2black grey RAL 702135032M10x45754001000 on request
K0231.135001version 1+2black35032M10x45754001000 on request
K0231.135003version 1+2natural35032M10x45754001000 on request
K0231.135027version 1+2ruby red RAL 300335032M10x45754001000 on request
K0231.135070version 1+2raspberry red RAL 302735032M10x45754001000 on request
K0231.135073version 1+2ocean blue RAL 502035032M10x45754001000 on request
K0231.1400version 1+2black grey RAL 702140032M10x45754501000 on request
K0231.140001version 1+2black40032M10x45754501000 on request
K0231.140003version 1+2natural40032M10x45754501000 on request
K0231.140027version 1+2ruby red RAL 300340032M10x45754501000 on request
K0231.140070version 1+2raspberry red RAL 302740032M10x45754501000 on request
K0231.140073version 1+2ocean blue RAL 502040032M10x45754501000 on request
K0231.1500version 1+2black grey RAL 702150032M10x45755501000 on request
K0231.150001version 1+2black50032M10x45755501000 on request
K0231.150003version 1+2natural50032M10x45755501000 on request
K0231.150027version 1+2ruby red RAL 300350032M10x45755501000 on request
K0231.150070version 1+2raspberry red RAL 302750032M10x45755501000 on request
K0231.150073version 1+2ocean blue RAL 502050032M10x45755501000 on request
K0231.1600version 1+2black grey RAL 702160032M10x45756501000 on request
K0231.160001version 1+2black60032M10x45756501000 on request
K0231.160003version 1+2natural60032M10x45756501000 on request
K0231.160027version 1+2ruby red RAL 300360032M10x45756501000 on request
K0231.160070version 1+2raspberry red RAL 302760032M10x45756501000 on request
K0231.160073version 1+2ocean blue RAL 502060032M10x45756501000 on request
K0231.118011version 3black grey RAL 702118032M5x5075230- on request
K0231.11801101version 3black18032M5x5075230- on request
K0231.11801103version 3natural18032M5x5075230- on request
K0231.11801127version 3ruby red RAL 300318032M5x5075230- on request
K0231.11801170version 3raspberry red RAL 302718032M5x5075230- on request
K0231.11801173version 3ocean blue RAL 502018032M5x5075230- on request
K0231.120011version 3black grey RAL 702120032M5x5075250- on request
K0231.12001101version 3black20032M5x5075250- on request
K0231.12001103version 3natural20032M5x5075250- on request
K0231.12001127version 3ruby red RAL 300320032M5x5075250- on request
K0231.12001170version 3raspberry red RAL 302720032M5x5075250- on request
K0231.12001173version 3ocean blue RAL 502020032M5x5075250- on request
K0231.125011version 3black grey RAL 702125032M5x5075300- on request
K0231.12501101version 3black25032M5x5075300- on request
K0231.12501103version 3natural25032M5x5075300- on request
K0231.12501127version 3ruby red RAL 300325032M5x5075300- on request
K0231.12501170version 3raspberry red RAL 302725032M5x5075300- on request
K0231.12501173version 3ocean blue RAL 502025032M5x5075300- on request
K0231.130011version 3black grey RAL 702130032M5x5075350- on request
K0231.13001101version 3black30032M5x5075350- on request
K0231.13001103version 3natural30032M5x5075350- on request
K0231.13001127version 3ruby red RAL 300330032M5x5075350- on request
K0231.13001170version 3raspberry red RAL 302730032M5x5075350- on request
K0231.13001173version 3ocean blue RAL 502030032M5x5075350- on request
K0231.135011version 3black grey RAL 702135032M5x5075400- on request
K0231.13501101version 3black35032M5x5075400- on request
K0231.13501103version 3natural35032M5x5075400- on request
K0231.13501127version 3ruby red RAL 300335032M5x5075400- on request
K0231.13501170version 3raspberry red RAL 302735032M5x5075400- on request
K0231.13501173version 3ocean blue RAL 502035032M5x5075400- on request
K0231.140011version 3black grey RAL 702140032M5x5075450- on request
K0231.14001101version 3black40032M5x5075450- on request
K0231.14001103version 3natural40032M5x5075450- on request
K0231.14001127version 3ruby red RAL 300340032M5x5075450- on request
K0231.14001170version 3raspberry red RAL 302740032M5x5075450- on request
K0231.14001173version 3ocean blue RAL 502040032M5x5075450- on request
K0231.150011version 3black grey RAL 702150032M5x5075550- on request
K0231.15001101version 3black50032M5x5075550- on request
K0231.15001103version 3natural50032M5x5075550- on request
K0231.15001127version 3ruby red RAL 300350032M5x5075550- on request
K0231.15001170version 3raspberry red RAL 302750032M5x5075550- on request
K0231.15001173version 3ocean blue RAL 502050032M5x5075550- on request
K0231.160011version 3black grey RAL 702160032M5x5075650- on request
K0231.16001101version 3black60032M5x5075650- on request
K0231.16001103version 3natural60032M5x5075650- on request
K0231.16001127version 3ruby red RAL 300360032M5x5075650- on request
K0231.16001170version 3raspberry red RAL 302760032M5x5075650- on request
K0231.16001173version 3ocean blue RAL 502060032M5x5075650- on request
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