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Compression latcheswith variable compression

Compression latches with variable compression

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DescriptionMaterial:Compression latch steel.
DIN 6336 star grip thermoset.
Version:Compression latch trivalent blue passivated.
Star grip black.
Note:Compression latches are primarily used for doors and housings that require a high pressure on the seal. Right or left deployment. The locking direction is always clockwise.Assembly:Cut a notch in a Ø25 mm hole for the locking pin. Pass the latch through the hole. The tongue must be in the end position and in the centre of the opening before the nut can be slipped on and tightened.On request:Water tight version according to IP 65.Function:Turning the actuator 90° brings the tongue into the closed position. Turning the actuator further winds the tongue up the thread and increases the pressure on the frame. To unlock the latch turn the actuator to the left. The tongue moves to the open position and, even doors with sticky seals can be easily opened.
The variable compression gap is 7 mm. The frame width range of 9-44 mm is covered by 7 offset tongues (dimension A).

Supplied completely assembled.
Accessory:Key K0535Drawing reference:
1) locating pin
2) frame

a) square 7 mm
b) double lug 3 mm
c) double lug 5 mm
d) star grip
Special features:
DownloadHere is all the information as a PDF datasheet:

Are you looking for CAD data? These can be found directly in the product table.
 Datasheet K0528 Compression latcheswith variable compression 170 kB


Compression latcheswith variable compression

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Order No.ActuationALHSWCADAcc.PriceOrder
K0528.1709161square 7 mm9-1640,54027  on request
K0528.1713201square 7 mm13 - 2042,54027  on request
K0528.1717241square 7 mm17 - 24444027  on request
K0528.1723301square 7 mm23 - 30454027  on request
K0528.1729361square 7 mm29 - 36434027  on request
K0528.1733401square 7 mm33 - 4040,54027  on request
K0528.1737441square 7 mm37 - 44374027  on request
K0528.4309161double lug 3 mm9-1640,54027  on request
K0528.4313201double lug 3 mm13 - 2042,54027  on request
K0528.4317241double lug 3 mm17 - 24444027  on request
K0528.4323301double lug 3 mm23 - 30454027  on request
K0528.4329361double lug 3 mm29 - 36434027  on request
K0528.4333401double lug 3 mm33 - 4040,54027  on request
K0528.4337441double lug 3 mm37 - 44374027  on request
K0528.4509161double lug 5 mm9-1640,54027  on request
K0528.4513201double lug 5 mm13 - 2042,54027  on request
K0528.4517241double lug 5 mm17 - 24444027  on request
K0528.4523301double lug 5 mm23 - 30454027  on request
K0528.4529361double lug 5 mm29 - 36434027  on request
K0528.4533401double lug 5 mm33 - 4040,54027  on request
K0528.4537441double lug 5 mm37 - 44374027  on request
K0528.5009161star grip9-1640,54027 on request
K0528.5013201star grip13 - 2042,54027 on request
K0528.5017241star grip17 - 24444027 on request
K0528.5023301star grip23 - 30454027 on request
K0528.5029361star grip29 - 36434027 on request
K0528.5033401star grip33 - 4040,54027 on request
K0528.5037441star grip37 - 44374027 on request
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