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DescriptionMaterial:Knobs thermoset PF 31.
Rod steel 1.0718 or stainless steel 1.4305.
Version:Thermoset black, high-gloss polished.
Steel black oxidised or bright stainless steel.
Special features:
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 Datasheet K0179_E Handles, Form E 89,5 kB


Handles, Form E

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K0179.608X35steelE8M61735945 on request
K0179.608X50steelE8M61750945 on request
K0179.608X65steelE8M61765945 on request
K0179.610X50steelE10M823501361 on request
K0179.610X65steelE10M823651361 on request
K0179.610X80steelE10M823801361 on request
K0179.610X100steelE10M8231001361 on request
K0179.612X65steelE12M1029651571 on request
K0179.612X80steelE12M1029801571 on request
K0179.612X100steelE12M10291001571 on request
K0179.612X125steelE12M10291251571 on request
K0179.614X80steelE14M1229801671 on request
K0179.614X100steelE14M12291001671 on request
K0179.614X125steelE14M12291251671 on request
K0179.614X160steelE14M12291601671 on request
K0179.1608X35stainless steelE8M61735945 on request
K0179.1608X50stainless steelE8M61750945 on request
K0179.1608X65stainless steelE8M61765945 on request
K0179.1610X50stainless steelE10M823501361 on request
K0179.1610X65stainless steelE10M823651361 on request
K0179.1610X80stainless steelE10M823801361 on request
K0179.1610X100stainless steelE10M8231001361 on request
K0179.1612X65stainless steelE12M1029651571 on request
K0179.1612X80stainless steelE12M1029801571 on request
K0179.1612X100stainless steelE12M10291001571 on request
K0179.1612X125stainless steelE12M10291251571 on request
K0179.1614X80stainless steelE14M1229801671 on request
K0179.1614X100stainless steelE14M12291001671 on request
K0179.1614X125stainless steelE14M12291251671 on request
K0179.1614X160stainless steelE14M12291601671 on request
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