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DescriptionMaterial:Carbon steel.Version:Black oxidised.Note:Rack plates are used to position stepped and standard toe clamps.
The holes (G) for DIN 912 socket head screws is used to fasten the rack plate to suitable base elements. The tapped hole (F) is used to secure the toe clamps.
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 Datasheet K0853 Rack plates 482 kB


Rack plates

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Order No.BFG
hole for
DIN 912 cap screw
K0853.9400811625M8M8167502512,5 on request
K0853.9400812025M8M8209502512,5 on request
K0853.9400812525M8M82513502512,5 on request
K0853.9400813225M8M83220502512,5 on request
K0853.9400814025M8M84028502512,5 on request
K0853.9401202035M12M12205855020 on request
K0853.9401202535M12M122512855020 on request
K0853.9401203235M12M123212855020 on request
K0853.9401204035M12M124012855020 on request
K0853.9401205035M12M125012855020 on request
K0853.9401602540M16M16256905025 on request
K0853.9401603240M16M163213905025 on request
K0853.9401604040M16M164015905025 on request
K0853.9401605040M16M165015905025 on request
K0853.9401606340M16M166315905025 on request
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