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New indexing plunger with Bowden cable from KIPP

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  • New indexing plunger with Bowden cable from KIPP
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New indexing plunger with Bowden cable from KIPP

HEINRICH KIPP WERK has expanded its comprehensive range of indexing plungers with a new system with Bowden cable. Operators can now position and fixate machine parts from a distance. The stainless steel indexing plungers are also suitable for use in harsh environments.
The indexing plungers from KIPP are often used in swivel and rotating fixtures as well as for stop positioning in e.g. machines, furniture and special vehicle construction. Machine parts can only be repositioned and fixated after the pin has been retracted. A change of the locked position through lateral forces is so prevented.

HEINRICH KIPP WERK, known for its innovations, has developed remote controlled indexing plungers for situations where inaccessible installation spaces make indexing difficult or if particularly safe or ergonomic operation from a distance is required: The link to the operator takes place via a Bowden cable, the length of which varies between 1,000 mm and 5,000 mm. To ensure an exact fit in the application concerned, the Bowden cable can be shortened as required when installing.

KIPP supplies a coordinated combination of indexing plunger and an actuating element with a mushroom grip which can be used to retract the indexing pin from its counterpart. The new solutions also have a screw nipple with a diameter of 5 x 7 mm to integrate an alternative individual control element into the system.
The indexing plungers and actuating element are made from stainless steel so that corrosion protection is guaranteed even with heavy soiling or intensive cleaning. The wire cable and cable sheath can be replaced if required. KIPP offers the indexing plungers with various thread sizes and pin diameters.
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