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Rod ends with plain bearing internal thread, stainless steel, DIN ISO 12240-4

Rod ends with plain bearing internal thread, stainless steel,...

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DescriptionMaterial:Housing forged 1.4057 stainless steel.
Ball joint 1.4034 hardened and ground.
Bearing shell 1.4571 stainless steel.
Version:Polished.Note:The rod end bearing is maintenance-free.
The connection dimensions comply with DIN 648 Form Series KJ.
Special features:
Stainless steel
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 Datasheet K0721 Rod ends with plain bearing internal thread, stainless steel, DIN ISO 12240-4 216 kB


Rod ends with plain bearing internal thread, stainless steel, DIN ISO 12240-4

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base loads
base loads
K0721.05RH thread5M5911271848611,111010913°7,511,8 on request
K0721.06RH thread6M610133020596,7512,712101113°9,313,1 on request
K0721.08RH thread8M812,5163624512915,8716121313°16,720,7 on request
K0721.10RH thread10M10151943286,51410,519,0520151713°23,428,3 on request
K0721.10125RH thread10M10x1,25151943286,51410,519,0520151713°23,428,3 on request
K0721.12RH thread12M1217,52250326,5161222,2222161913°3234,5 on request
K0721.12125RH thread12M12x1,2517,52250326,5161222,2222161913°3234,5 on request
K0721.16RH thread16M16222764428211528,5728222215°52,760,6 on request
K0721.1615RH thread16M16x1,5222764428211528,5728222215°52,760,6 on request
K0721.20RH thread20M20x1,527,534775010251834,9233263215°78,183,1 on request
K0721.22RH thread22M22x1,53037845412282038,137263215°97,299,7 on request
K0721.051LH thread5M5911271848611,111010913°7,511,8 on request
K0721.061LH thread6M610133020596,7512,712101113°9,313,1 on request
K0721.081LH thread8M812,5163624512915,8716121313°16,720,7 on request
K0721.101LH thread10M10151943286,51410,519,0520151713°23,428,3 on request
K0721.101251LH thread10M10x1,25151943286,51410,519,0520151713°23,428,3 on request
K0721.121LH thread12M1217,52250326,5161222,2222161913°3234,5 on request
K0721.121251LH thread12M12x1,2517,52250326,5161222,2222161913°3234,5 on request
K0721.161LH thread16M16222764428211528,5728222215°52,760,6 on request
K0721.16151LH thread16M16x1,5222764428211528,5728222215°52,760,6 on request
K0721.201LH thread20M20x1,527,534775010251834,9233263215°78,183,1 on request
K0721.221LH thread22M22x1,53037845412282038,137263215°97,299,7 on request
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