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Clevis joints with snap-in pin DIN 71752

Clevis joints with snap-in pin DIN 71752

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DescriptionMaterial:Clevis and pins free-cutting steel.
Spring, spring steel.
Version:Trivalent passivated.Special features:
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 Datasheet K0731 Clevis joints with snap-in pin DIN 71752 153 kB


Clevis joints with snap-in pin DIN 71752

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K0731.03508RH thread484M3,582116615108 on request
K0731.0510RH thread5105M5926207,5191210 on request
K0731.0612RH thread6126M61031249231412 on request
K0731.0816RH thread8168M814423212311916 on request
K0731.0832RH thread8328M814584812471916 on request
K0731.1020RH thread102010M1018524015392320 on request
K0731.10120RH thread102010M10x1,2518524015392320 on request
K0731.1040RH thread104010M1018726015592320 on request
K0731.10140RH thread104010M10x1,2518726015592320 on request
K0731.1224RH thread122412M1220624818472824 on request
K0731.12124RH thread122412M12x1,2520624818472824 on request
K0731.1248RH thread124812M1220867218692824 on request
K0731.12148RH thread124812M12x1,2520867218692824 on request
K0731.1428RH thread142814M1424725622,5523127 on request
K0731.1632RH thread163216M1626836424623632 on request
K0731.16132RH thread163216M16x1,526836424623632 on request
K0731.05101LH thread5105M5926207,5191210 on request
K0731.06121LH thread6126M61031249231412 on request
K0731.08161LH thread8168M814423212311916 on request
K0731.08321LH thread8328M814584812471916 on request
K0731.10201LH thread102010M1018524015392320 on request
K0731.10401LH thread104010M1018726015592320 on request
K0731.12241LH thread122412M1220624818472824 on request
K0731.16321LH thread163216M1626836424623632 on request
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