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DescriptionMaterial:Oval aluminium EN AW-6060Version:Black or ruby red RAL 3003 powder-coated, natural tone anodised or bright vibratory ground.Note:These pull handles are extremely robust and can also be used where rough usage is expected. The bright vibratory-ground version can be painted or coated after assembly.Assembly:From the rear.Special features:
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 Datasheet K0204 Pull handles oval 114 kB


Pull handles oval

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Order No.Main
K0204.10001black powder-coated1002113M650113121000 on request
K0204.11201black powder-coated1122113M650125121000 on request
K0204.1120108black powder-coated1122517M855129141000 on request
K0204.12001black powder-coated1202113M650133121000 on request
K0204.1200108black powder-coated1202517M855137141000 on request
K0204.12801black powder-coated1282113M650141121000 on request
K0204.1280108black powder-coated1282517M855145141000 on request
K0204.1600106black powder-coated1602113M650173121000 on request
K0204.16001black powder-coated1602517M855177141000 on request
K0204.18001black powder-coated1802517M855197141000 on request
K0204.19201black powder-coated1922517M855209141000 on request
K0204.35001black powder-coated3502517M855367141000 on request
K0204.10003natural anodized1002013M650113121000 on request
K0204.11203natural anodized1122013M650125121000 on request
K0204.1120308natural anodized1122617M855129141000 on request
K0204.12003natural anodized1202013M650133121000 on request
K0204.1200308natural anodized1202617M855137141000 on request
K0204.12803natural anodized1282013M650141121000 on request
K0204.1280308natural anodized1282617M855145141000 on request
K0204.1600306natural anodized1602013M650173121000 on request
K0204.16003natural anodized1602617M855177141000 on request
K0204.18003natural anodized1802617M855197141000 on request
K0204.19203natural anodized1922617M855209141000 on request
K0204.35003natural anodized3502617M855367141000 on request
K0204.10027red RAL3003 powder-coated1002113M650113121000 on request
K0204.11227red RAL3003 powder-coated1122113M650125121000 on request
K0204.1122708red RAL3003 powder-coated1122517M855129141000 on request
K0204.12027red RAL3003 powder-coated1202113M650133121000 on request
K0204.1202708red RAL3003 powder-coated1202517M855137141000 on request
K0204.12827red RAL3003 powder-coated1282113M650141121000 on request
K0204.1282708red RAL3003 powder-coated1282517M855145141000 on request
K0204.1602706red RAL3003 powder-coated1602113M650173121000 on request
K0204.16027red RAL3003 powder-coated1602517M855177141000 on request
K0204.18027red RAL3003 powder-coated1802517M855197141000 on request
K0204.19227red RAL3003 powder-coated1922517M855209141000 on request
K0204.35027red RAL3003 powder-coated3502517M855367141000 on request
K0204.100bright1002113M650113121000 on request
K0204.112bright1122113M650125121000 on request
K0204.120bright1202113M650133121000 on request
K0204.128bright1282113M650141121000 on request
K0204.16006bright1602113M650173121000 on request
K0204.11208bright1122517M855129141000 on request
K0204.12008bright1202517M855137141000 on request
K0204.12808bright1282517M855145141000 on request
K0204.160bright1602517M855177141000 on request
K0204.180bright1802517M855197141000 on request
K0204.192bright1922517M855209141000 on request
K0204.350bright3502517M855367141000 on request
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